Tuesday, July 29, 2014

COULD BE TRUE, COULD BE CRAP - BEY + JAY = SPLITSVILLE: Well, if London's Daily Mirror is to be believed, the BEYONCE and JAY Z marriage is not only on its last leg, its been on the rocks for some time.

Even though the Carters make it a point to put on a united front all is not as it should be with those two. At least not according to one of  the tab's sources, who says “the only time they spend time together is on stage," adding, “It’s not whether they’ll split, but how they’ll split.”

Adding fuel to fire, Bey is said to have gone apartment hunting in New York City last month without Jay Z. The New York Post reports that she looked a $21.5 million penthouse in Chelsea "on the sly."

A Couple of Other Things…

The Daily Mirror claims the reason Jay and Bey didn’t make it to the wedding of the century – better known as the KANYE WEST-KIM KARDASHIAN  wedding. Apparently the event was too low-rent for their "brand."

Oh, and about the now infamous elevator fight -- the tab says it was over RIHANNA. Sources say that when Jay decided to go to her after party, Solange was like, “Enough is enough — you must be [E'ffin] her.” And that's when she pounced on him.

ROMANCE REPORT - PAM + RICK = ON AGAIN: It looks like the PAM ANDERSON-Rick Salomon marriage is on again. Pam had filed for divorce from Rick early this month but over the weekend, there didn't seem to be any animosity between the two of them.

New York's PageSix is reporting Anderson and Salomon were photographed on vacation in Sardinia, Italy getting pretty cozy with each other. Anderson, the gossip site notes, was also spotted "admiring her ring."(PHOTO) (PHOTO)

TODAY IN CELEBRITY HAIR: JENNIFER LOPEZ posted an Instagram of her natural, curly hair. She hashtagged it #curlyhairdontcare...

2. DEMI LOVATO cut her hair, y'all ...

BABY POOP: MILA KUNIS is really showing these days. (PHOTO)

Meanwhile, ZOE SALDANA still hasn't confirmed she's been fetused, but has started to publicly show glimpses of her baby bump. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

Before she started to show, Zoe posed nude for "Women's Health" magazine ...

2. "Danno" on the new Hawaii 5-0 TV show, SCOTT CAAN is a dad. His girlfriend gave birth to a baby girl. They named her Josie James.

Friday, July 25, 2014

DID SEAN PENN PUT A RING ON IT?: Days after a rumor emerged that CHARLIZE THERON and SEAN PENN were planning to wed, Charlize was spotted wearing a ring on that finger -- which would suggest Sean proposed, and she said yes. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

E! Online says Charlize's new piece of jewelry is an 18-karat yellow gold Anita Ko Leaf Ring, which sells for $4,900. If it really is an engagement ring that would be on the CHEAP side as celebrity engagement rings go.

Us Weekly reported earlier this week that aside from filming the movie "The Fast Face," which Penn is directing and Charlize is starring in, the couple is planning on getting married while in her native South Africa. And get this -- they're also reportedly going to adopt a baby while there.

DO COUSINS MELISSA AND JENNY MCCARTHY HATE EACH OTHER?: When JENNY MCCARTHY marries DONNIE WAHLBERG, her cousin MELISSA MCCARTHY won't be there. Because, word on the street is, they’re beefin’ these days.

Here’s what a source told one of the gossip sites: "They've grown distant over the past few years. Jenny feels [like] she helped Melissa get a leg up in the business. But now that Melissa's career is skyrocketing, Jenny feels [Melissa] doesn't have time for her."

But the animosity may have started years ago, when Jenny supposedly, allegedly told Melissa she'd have if she wanted to make it in showbiz she’d have to drop a lot of her weight.

Jenny totally denies the story ..

BABY POOP - ZOE SALDANA PREGGERS?!: Everybody is reporting that ZOE SALDANA is pregnant. Us Weekly says she's at least three months along. E! Online claims their insiders tell them she's expecting twins. If true, this will be the first child for Zoe and husband Marco Perego.

Pregnancy rumors picked up steam on Monday, when Zoe appeared to be showing at the premiere of her new movie "Guardians of the Galaxy".

For the record, she has yet to confirm she's plump with fetus. Although she hasn't exactly denied it either. In fact, she hit up Twitter yesterday to put the media on blast and the only thing she called them out for was invading their privacy ...

Thursday, July 24, 2014

DID JUSTIN BIEBER USE A WHEELCHAIR AT DISNEYLAND TO CUT LINE?!: THE BIEBZ was at the Happiest Place on Earth in Anaheim on Sunday and he posed with a fan while he was in a wheelchair.  Of course, she posted the photo -- who wouldn't, right? I mean, it's Justin Bieber.

Well, the backlash online was swift among people outraged that Justin would dare use a wheelchair to cut the long ride lines.

Justin's people deny that was the case. They say he's nursing a knee injury, and pointed out that he doesn't even need a wheelchair to cut anyway because Disney doesn't make him wait in lines. Someone already escorts him onto rides in order to avoid large crowds.

NENE LEAKS VS. WENDING WILLIAMS – WHO YOU GOT?: Apparently WENDY WILLIAMS shaded NENE LEAKS over her custom-made Birkin bag and NeNe is pissed

The Real Housewife of Atlanta posted a pic of the bag with the caption, “#personalized #Birkin #neneisms #hermes customized by me & my husband had a fit.”

Wendy responded that the bag wasn’t original as many other stars had also painted on their Birkins. In addition, she asked her Twitter followers to ask what they thought about the reality show star defacing the purse.

Well, you KNOW NeNe wasn’t about to do a “Frozen” and let it go, let it go, let it go! She took to the Internet with a lengthy rant about Wending spewing hate and not giving the whole story about their relationship. Leakes went on to say that Williams was just mad because she’d turned down an invitation to come on her show.

She also hinted that Wendy should be scared because of the ease with which she could replace her. She ended her rant by calling her “WIG.” (According to the Urban Dictionary, its’ a term used to describe someone who is fake.)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

JAY Z/BEYONCÉ MARRIAGE REPORTEDLY COMING TO AN END: The JAY Z and BEYONCÉ divorce rumors just wont' die. The latest has them splitting up after their On the Run tour ends later this summer.

One website laid the whole thing out like this ... "They are separating this year, with the divorce to follow in about six months. It will be very clean and very fast. In fact, the parties involved are describing the timeline as "Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes fast.

The New York Post says that Jay has gone so far as to hire a marriage counselor to go on the road with them, but that they aren't wearing their rings at this point.

Meanwhile, Jay and Bey looked like a happy family Sunday in New Orleans, posing with her mom and her sister, Solange after dinner.

Bey also posted a cute photo on Instagram of her and Jay holding Blue Ivy’s hands and swinging her together.

SPLITSVILLE - HOME FOR SALE IS JUST ANOTHER SIGN THICKE AND PATTON AREN’T REUNITING: This can't be a good sign. The Bel Air mansion of ROBIN THICKE and PAULA PATTON is on the market. The couple, who separated in February after nine years of marriage, has listed the 3,158-square foot, three-bedroom home for just under $3 million.

WATCH: A giant penis ended up onstage with Lady Gaga during a recent show in L.A. No, she didn't do a duet with JOHN MAYER. A giant inflatable penis found its way from the crowd onto the stage. Gaga playfully slapped it away ...

2. KATY PERRY posted a clip of herself dressed as a "Killer Pizza" ...

DEMI LOVATO SHOWS US HER TWEETS: You know that feeling where you have to pee so bad that you're afraid if you wait any longer you're going to get a UTI? Well, DEMI LOVATO knows that feeling too. Here's what she Tweeted after a gig in L.A. on Monday night ...

Yeah, Demi really cracks herself up.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

DO KIM AND KANYE SPEND $500,000 ON A DECOY FOR THEIR DAUGHTER?!: KIM KARDASHIAN and KANYE WEST reportedly spend $500,000 a year on a body double for their daughter North so the real Norrie won't get harassed by the paparazzi.

According to Britain's rarely-reliable Grazia Daily, Kimye held a casting call in L.A. with the goal of finding a baby who looked enough like North to throw off photographers.

After they found "a child who is the spitting image of their daughter," the supposedly paired her with a look-alike nanny. It's not clear how much the nanny is getting paid, or how much work the baby has to do to earn that 500-grand.

Here's the real deal hanging out with her mom and dad on the beach in Mexico. Or is it? We Report, You Decide! (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

Meanwhile ... Kanye was interviewed for the new issue of "GQ", and he said plenty of really deep dumb things to say. Like that Kim is a "dinosaur" and a "fighter jet", because she's really cool and rare, or something like that, and that he's a "blowfish" not a "shark", because he's not a predator, he just wants to defend himself and others.

His exact words were, "You mean to tell me that this girl with this [effing] body and this face is also into style, and she's a nice person, and she has her own money and is family oriented? That's just as cool as a [effing] fighter jet or dinosaur! And just as rarely seen."

BIEBER'S LOUD PARTIES COULD LEAD TO JAIL TIME: We all already know JUSTIN BIEBER is the neighbor from hell, but if he doesn’t shape up he could find himself behind bars.

According to TMZ, cops were sent to Biebz's Beverly Hills condo six times over the weekend for four separate noise complaints Saturday night, and in all instances Bieber agreed to turn down the music, so he was not cited. (The other two incidents involved paparazzi and fans.)

But here’s the kicker, TMZ claims that should cops ever decide to cite Bieber, they’d then be forced to forward the matter to the LA County Probation Department. Justin is currently on two years probation because of the egging incident and the D.A. could consider a citation a violation, which could possibly mean jail time. Oh, if only.

SNAPSHOTS: ZAC EFRON was spotted leaving MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ'S house Sunday with an overnight bag and a skateboard. (PHOTO)

2. LEA MICHELE has a little bit of a belly on her. I wonder when the pregnancy rumors are going to start? (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

ALLEGEDLY, SUPPOSEDLY: If Us magazine is to be believed, CHARLIZE THERON and SEAN PENN are planning a trip down the aisle.

 Us is reporting that aside from filming the movie "The Fast Face," which he is directing and she's starring in, the couple is planning on getting married while in Theron's native South Africa. And get this -- they're also reportedly going to adopt a baby while there.

Word is the 38-year-old Theron, who is a mom to adopted 2-year-old Jackson, "always intended to have another child."

2.  PageSix is reporting SCARLETT JOHANSSON was overheard at a fancy shmancy party at MARTHA STEWART'S Hamptons estate saying she's getting married in about four weeks. Of course, the site doesn't know where exactly the ceremony will go down, but it's expected the two will head to Dauriac's native Paris for the wedding.

Scarlett is engaged to French journalist Romain Dauriac and is expecting their first child.

PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN DIDN'T LEAVE HIS CHILDREN ANY MONEY: Before PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN passed away earlier this year, his accountant suggested he set aside some money for his three children. But Philip said no, because he didn't want them to be, quote, "trust fund kids."

Instead, he left his whole estate, which is estimated at $35 MILLION, to his longtime girlfriend and baby mama of all three of his kids, Mimi O'Donnell. Hoffman's accountant said Philip believed she'd "take care of the children."

ARIANA GRANDE SHOWS US HER TWEETS: You'll never guess why ARIANA GRANDE is having trouble sleeping. Two words: FROG SEX!