Tuesday, July 28, 2015

BOBBI KRISTINA BROWN'S INITIAL AUTOPSY RESULTS ARE IN: The initial autopsy results for Bobbi Kristina Brown are in, and the cause of her death remains inconclusive.

Per the medical examiner, "the autopsy does not show an obvious underlying cause of death and no significant injuries were noted. No previously unknown medical conditions that could've contributed to death were identified.

The examiner also noted that the six-month period from when she was discovered submerged in her bathtub and her death on Sunday "complicates" and "challenges" their ability to figure out exactly what happened. Additional testing will be conducted, which could take several weeks.

According to TMZ, investigators are currently treating her death as a homicide, with her boyfriend/husband Nick Gordon still a "person of interest."

DID TAYLOR SWIFT SHADE KATY PERRY?!: TAYLOR SWIFT had a gig in Massachusetts over the weekend, and while she was performing "Bad Blood" someone in a shark costume made a surprise appearance behind her, drawing laughs from Taylor.

The Internet predictably freaked out over it because it seemed like a not-so-subtle shot at KATY PERRY.

After all, the song is supposedly about Katy, and Katy's sharks are part of the reason why they're feuding in the first place. [When Katy performed with the sharks at the Super Bowl halftime show, the more competent RIGHT SHARK was one of the dancers that Katy poached from Taylor's tour.]

Well some of Taylor's Swifties (fans) would like you to know that it's an ongoing joke unrelated to Katy and that their girl Tay is not shading her. Apparently, one of her dancers has been pranking Taylor at all her shows.

At that very moment in the song, the unidentified backup dancer has been bringing various sea creatures out. That time it was a shark, but at the previous show it was a lobster

Monday, July 27, 2015

BOBBI KRISTINA BROWN HAS PASSED AWAY: Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of the late WHITNEY HOUSTON and singer BOBBY BROWN died yesterday. She was 22.

The Houston family released the following statement: “[She] passed away surrounded by her family. She is finally at peace in the arms of God. We want to again thank everyone for their tremendous amount of love and support.”

Brown had been in a coma since being found by her husband and a friend unresponsive in a bathtub in her Roswell, Georgia home on January 31. She never regained consciousness and was kept on life support following her near-drowning until March when she was moved to a long-term care facility. In June, was moved to hospice care as her condition continued to deteriorate.

Her death comes three years after her mother was found dead in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, and weeks after Bobby became a father again — his wife gave birth to a daughter on July 11.

The circumstances of Bobbi Kristina’s death are still under investigation.

ED SHEERAN ONCE POOPED HIS PANTS WHEN HE ‘MISJUDGED’ SOME FLATULENCE: ED SHEERAN says that he once pooped his pants while performing, when he underestimated some back draft, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

In a recent interview with an Australian radio station, Sheeran admitted that he breaks wind onstage "all the time," and that he once "misjudged [some gas] onstage, which ended up being a shart."

Detailing the gross experience, Ed added, "I was like, 'All right, I'm just going to stand still for the rest of this performance, and hope it's over soon, and then go home and throw these [pants] out.'"

Sheeran blamed the soiling incident on all the traveling he'd been doing, which left him feeling queasy.

As we move into week two of the MIRANDA LAMBERT - BLAKE SHELTON divorce, here's one thing we know for sure: They don't hate each other -- at least not publicly.

Their mutual friend, singer Ashley Monroes released her new album on Friday, so to help pump up sales Blake rode the publicity from their divorce to give it a push, posting: "Hey Miranda Lambert, can you believe there are people who haven't bought Ashley Monroe's new album? Isn't that shocking?"

Miranda responded minutes later with, "No, I can't because it's the best work she has ever done. I love it."

Then she hit up Twitter again with a pic of Blake pushing a baby stroller on the set of "The Voice" and captioned it, "I knew it. You WERE pregnant. This calls for a drink!"

Blake fired back, "Ha! Busted. I wasn't JUST a fat ass. Drinking shall now begin."

Thursday, July 23, 2015

WAS IT SOMETHING MIRANDA LAMBERT FOUND ON BLAKE'S PHONE?!:  A woman claiming to be a friend of MIRANDA LAMBERT says BLAKE SHELTON "has always been the cheater" and that the discovery of "very suggestive things" on his phone betrayed her trust in him and led to the demise of their marriage.

In an interview with a Los Angeles radio station, the unidentified woman claims Miranda "found things in his phone... very suggestive things." She said it wasn't exactly "concrete proof" of him cheating, like photos or salacious texts, but whatever it was was enough to convince Miranda that she could no longer trust Blake, whom she described as "always a cheater."

The woman also denied that Miranda cheated on Blake with fellow country singer CHRIS YOUNG -- something he too refutes -- and agreed with the speculation that their long distance relationship didn't help matters.


If you'll recall, Nicki was angry she didn't get a nod for Video of the Year and went on a Twitter rant that had Tay thinking she was being shaded, and Tweeted back asking Nicki not to "pit women against each other."

Well, KATY PERRY inserted herself into the situation yesterday, basically calling bulls*%#t on the whole woman on woman thing ...


Taylor has admitted "Bad Blood" is about a woman who she thought was her friend stabbing her in the back. That woman is reportedly Katy, who allegedly tried to disrupt Swifts tour by stealing dancers from her.

Meanwhile ... Some of Nicki's fans defended her online by implying that Swift's "Bad Blood" video is a rip off of a Korean girl group's concept. And although they're not exactly the same, there are quite a few similarities, and scenes are pretty close.

TABLOID TRASH - JENNIFER GARNER HAS HER SIGHTS SET ON CO-STAR: Star magazine claims JENNIFER GARNER already has her eyes on another man -- her latest co-star, Martin Henderson.

A so-called "source" on the movie set tells the tab this Martin guy has been a shoulder for her to lean on while she's going through her divorce with BEN AFFLECK, and that she's eating up the attention. She's supposedly been telling anyone who'll listen how awesome a guy he is.

Henderson will be joining the cast of "Grey's Anatomy" as a new surgeon for the show's upcoming 12th season.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

NICKI MINAJ STARTS TWITTER FIGHT WITH TAYLOR SWIFT: NICKI MINAJ is up for two MTV VMAs, but she's angry she didn't get a nod for Video of the Year and went on a Twitter rant that had TAYLOR SWIFT thinking she was being shaded.

Okay, here's how it all went down: after the nominations came out, Nicki Tweeted a thanks to MTV and joked that her "Feeling Myself" video with Beyoncé must have missed the submission deadline.

An hour after that, she Tweeted that if she was "a different KIND of artist" her video for "'Anaconda' would be nominated for best [choreography] and Video of the Year as well," adding, "OTHER girls drop a video that breaks records and impacts culture, they get that [Video of the Year] nomination."

She cleared up what she meant by "other girls" in her next Tweet. "If your video celebrates women with very SLIM bodies, you will be nominated for Video of the Year," she wrote.

Well, the only women up for Video of the Year this time around are Nicki's friend Beyoncé, and Swift. And Taylor's video for "Bad Blood" features a bunch of her skinny model friends, soo it's logical to assume her Tweet was about Swift.

Taylor saw it that way, too, because she Tweeted back, "@NICKIMINAJ I've done nothing but love and support you. It's unlike you to pit women against each other. Maybe one of the men took your slot."

But Nicki denied targeting her, replying with, "Huh? U must not be reading my tweets. Didn't say a word about u. I love u just as much. But u should speak on this."

Then, after the media accused her of going after Taylor, she followed up with, "Nothing I said had to do with Taylor. So what jabs? White media and their tactics. So sad. That's what they want."

Taylor responded by inviting Nicki to accompany her onstage if she wins -- to which Nicki replied ...

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

IS ERIC STONESTREET FROM "MODERN FAMILY" DATING BETHENNY FRANKEL?!: Word on the street is that ERIC STONESTREET from "Modern Family" and "Real Housewives of New York" star BETHENNY FRANKEL might be dating.

 According to E! Online, they've "been enjoying each others company casually for a few months now," most recently taking in a Dodgers game last Monday. (PHOTO)

But source says they're just friends who've been hanging out since they met at a party back in April. Bethenny herself kind of shot the rumors down yesterday by Tweeting, "Wow, so many boyfriends, so little time. How did I manage to be at a Dodgers game and be in the Hamptons at the same time?!!!"

Stonestreet replied, "Hey Bethenny. I'm a big fan. Can I get a follow?"

JUSTIN BIEBER WANTS TO SLICE HIMSELF OFF A PIECE OF KELLY RIPA: Consider yourself yesterday's news, SELENA GOMEZ, because JUSTIN BIEBER's got a new lady on his mind.

And that lady is KELLY RIPA.

 The 21-year-old Biebz posted a picture of 44-year-old Kelly in a bikini/lingerie thingy yesterday and caption it, "Wow Kelly makes me feel some type of way. No disrespect I know she's married!," followed by the hashtag "bigcrush" and two smiley-face emoji with hearts for eyes.

Neither Kelly nor Mark has responded to Justin's candid admission.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG IS FINALLY CHANGING HER TUNE ON BILL COSBY: WHOOPI GOLDBERG is apparently done defending BILL COSBY. As recently as last week, she thought Cosby should be considered innocent until proven guilty, but on "The View" yesterday, Goldberg admitted that the evidence against him is overwhelming.

"If this is to be tried in the court of public opinion," she said, "I got to say all of the information that's out there kind of points to guilt."

Goldberg's comments came during a segment featuring ABC News legal analyst Dan Abrams, who explained in answer to Goldberg's questions that most all of Cosby's accusers have no legal criminal or civil recourse, because the statute of limitations in most cases has expired -- even though, Abrams said, "It's impossible to ignore the consistency of these stories."

Court document released last week revealed Cosby had admitted to procuring drugs for use in having sex with women. He has never been criminally charged in connection with any of the allegations -- allegations his reps continue to deny.

Meanwhile ... actor Joseph C. Phillips, the guy who played Denise's husband on "The Cosby Show," also pulled back his support for Cosby.

In an essay titled "Of Course Bill Cosby is Guilty," Phillips writes that it was "common knowledge [on the set] that Bill played around," and concludes that he's "fairly certain...some of the [women accusing Bill of drugging them are] lying through their teeth, but certainly not all of them."

You can read the whole thing HERE.