Tuesday, May 17, 2011

WTW??? BIN LADEN HAD THE HOTS FOR WHITNEY!!!: Every day we're finding out more and more about Osama bin Laden's terror plots. Like that the Eiffel Tower and the U.S. Capitol were on his hit list. And, oh yeah, singer BOBBY BROWN, too!!!

"The National Enquirer" has once again rolled out it's favorite go-to bin Laden story based on some alleged chat with an ex-wife and mistress of his. Perhaps the most amusing bit of information they've learned about the terror mastermind was that he was so obssessed with WHITNEY HOUSTON, he wanted to kill her then-husband Bobby Brown!

The tab claims bin Laden considered Whitney to be the most beautiful woman in the world, and even fantasized about making her one of his wives. See, he really was insane!!!

WHO'S THE CELEBRITY CUTIE PATOOTIE???: Who's the celebrity known for her tough-chick roles showing off mega butt cleavage? Hint: picture her skin blue …

Scroll down to the "bottom" for the answer ...

LOHAN LUNACY: LINDSAY LOHAN claims an obsessed fan who she says has been stalking her for years has "threatened to kill” her. Yesterday Lilo even tweeted a photo of the man she says has been harassing her for the past four years, and wrote:

"This is the freemason stalker that has been threatening to kill me -- while he is TRESPASSING! I'm actually scared now... All my fans, my supporters, please stand by me." A source confirmed to the New York Daily News the alleged stalker is real but would not explain the cryptic “freemason” reference.

Lindsay has since taken the photo down, but we all know in this digital world we live in, nothing is truly ever deleted. Here's the photo -- which appears to be a blurry screen grab from one of her security cameras  ...

'DANCING' UPDATE - KYM'S FALL, BROOKE'S COIN TOSS FAIL, AND BRUNO'S FILTHY MOUTH: Last night’s “Dancing With the Stars” was epic for several reasons. For starters, we got to see the fall that landed KYM JOHNSON in the hospital and in a neck brace over the weekend …

Another highlight came from the lips of judge Bruno. The always-outrageous Bruno had to be censored when critiquing RALPH MACCHIO’S dance moves. Hit up this link to hear what he said.

The censored word was … um … how should I say this: Another way to call a cat a kitty, and a reference to the skin-tight cat suit pro dancer KARINA SMIRNOFF was wearing.

Later, BROOKE BURKE channeled her inner blonde during a coin toss. Hines - the scoreboard leader - was asked to call it in the air. He said “tails”. It landed on "heads". That seemed to confuse Burke …

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS: Derek Hough of ‘Dancing With the Stars’is one of today's celebrity birthdays. Check out the entire list here.

SCHWARZENEGGER’S LOVE CHILD SCANDAL: We know now why MARIA SHRIVER split from ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER. Because "the Terminator" was more like "the Sperminator"!!!

It turns out Ahnold fathered a love child with a staff member!!!

R.I.P - JENNIFER ANISTON'S BELOVED DOG DIES: Anyone who's even vaguely familiar with JENNIFER ANISTON'S personal life has heard about her dog Norman. Well, sadly, Norman is no more.

According to Jen's rep, Norman "died a few weeks ago. He was an old dog and it was just his time." Back in February, the actress told People magazine, "He's my baby boy. Norman goes with me on location -- I've got to take Norman."

WHO'S THE CELEBRITY CUTIE PATOOTIE???: So who's the celebrity known for her tough-chick roles showing off mega butt cleavage? 

It's MICHELLE RODRIQUEZ, who nearly lost her bathing suit bottoms while swimming in the ocean off Cannes, France ...

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