Tuesday, August 16, 2011

TAYLOR SWIFT'S WARDROBE MALFUNCTION REVEALS HER GRANNY PANTIES: TAYLOR SWIFT had an inadvertent wardrobe malfunction during her show in St. Louis on Saturday.

And now video of her MARILYN MONROE moment has hit the net!!!

SPOILER ALERT!!! Underneath is what appeares to be an industrial strength pair of granny panties!!!

NSFW LINK - HEIDI KLUM GOES TOPLESS: "Project Runway" host HEIDI KLUM was caught sporting just her bikini bottoms on a family trip in Porto Cervo, Sardinia over the weekend. Peep the Not Safe for Work pic HERE.

QUOTE/UNQUOTE: "My boobs, they're not bad. I'm not complaining about them." -- SALMA HAYEK in the latest issue of "Allure". Neither are we, Salma, neither are we.

WEDDING BELLS: If you're going to KIM KARDASHIAN'S wedding Saturday, prepare yourself for a TSA-like pat down.

Word is security will be tight with guests required to go through metal detectors before they're allowed to enter THE WEDDING OF THE CENTURY. Family and friends will also have to hand over their cell phones, cameras and any other recording devices.

That's because rights to broadcast the wedding have been sold to E! and rights to print the photos have been sold to People magazine. I know, I know, wedding for most brides and grooms are a private affair but the Kardashians aren't most people. Plus Kim's supposedly getting a million bucks from E and another mil from People.

2. First, TARA REID did get engaged and married Saturday in Greece … But … it wasn’t to the guy we all thought she did. We assumed she married Michael Lillelund, whom she'd been dating since last November, but come to find out they broke up in February.

Tara hit up Twitter to (1.) clarify that her new husband is actually a guy named Zack Kehayov ...

And (2.) to show us a picture of the fake looking ring …


SNAP SHOT - SANDRA BULLOCK CHANNELS HER INNER TERMINATOR CHICK: The last time SANDRA BULLOCK was out in public it was at the premiere of 'The Change Up' August 1, in Los Angeles. I think we can all agree she looked very pretty and stylish that day …

Fast forward to the other day. Sandy was out and about in Austin, and this time she looked more like LINDA HAMILTON in "Terminator 2" …

NSFW LINK - GENE SIMMONS' NAKED BUTT: If the mere thought doesn't sound too disgusting for you, you can check out a Not Safe for Work pic HERE and Way Less Safe for Work pic HERE. Survey says: Not bad for a 62 year old!!!

TV TIDBITS - KATE PLUS 8 GETS CANCELLED/REAL HOUSEWIVES HIT THE ROAD: TLC has cancelled Kate Plus 8. It's the end of an era, folks! The final episode airs September 12th, however, TLC leaves us with a glimmer of hope adding that they may "check in with Kate and the family periodically with specials in the future."

2. Caroline Manzo, Nene Leakes, Jill Zarin and Kyle Richards are hitting the road as part of “The Real Housewives Live Tour”, which will feature the ladies from each series discussing the show. The tour kicks off in Atlantic City October 1st. Damn you, Charlie Sheen and your Torpedo of Truth Tour! Look what you've started!!!

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