Monday, May 21, 2012

TALK SHOW HOST TOUCHES KIM K.'S BUTT!!!: KIM KARDASHIAN is evidently not shy when it comes to her best asset -- her caboose.

In fact, during an interview with British talk show host Alan Carr last week, she even let him touch it.

“I would love a bum like yours," Carr told Kim. "If I had a bum like yours I would walk in to a room backwards." Kim responded that the junk in her trunk was "an Armenian thing" and insisted her rear is real, claiming, “no implants.” She then invited Carr to feel for himself! Carr obliged.

EVEN MORE TRAVOLTA ACCUSERS COME FORWARD: JOHN TRAVOLTA accusers just keep coming out of the woodwork. Radaronline reports at least three more men have accused the actor of inappropriate behavior.

A 36-year-old named Jeff claimed he was groped by Travolta while working as a masseuse at the Eden Rock resort in Miami back in 2000. He said that while giving Travolta a massage, the actor asked for extra work on his inner thigh, then began “grinding on the table.” At the end of the massage, Travolta allegedly began to give himself a happy ending, at which point Jeff says he bolted.

Another man, a catering employee who worked at the Westin in Seattle back in 2000, said he was grabbed by Travolta following an event for Quantas airlines. The man claims Travolta cornered him in a suite and grabbed his butt. When he turned around, he noticed that Travolta had ... um, freed willy, so to speak. The worker turned down Travolta’s advances, at which point the actor threw 10 $100 bills on a counter and left.

Both the Seattle and Miami accusers have hired the lawyer who used to represent Travolta’s first two accusers.

Meanwhile ... The New York Daily News has identified John Doe #2. John Truesdale, whom the paper describes as a "hulking 250-pound masseur and certified black belt who works at a posh spa in Atlanta", is being represented by Gloria Allred.


NATASHA BEDINGFIELD'S DONNA SUMMER TRIBUTE CUT SHORT: Although last night's Billboard Music Awards incorporated a tribute to DONNA SUMMER, who died last week of cancer, the show's producers only aired seconds of it.

About 30 seconds into Natasha Beddingfied's tribute, producers cut to a commercial before she could even finish the first chorus of "Last Dance." Neither spokespersons for the Billboard Music Awards nor ABC have responsed to inquiries.

Note: 30 second commercial preceeds video...


WATCH - BILLBOARD AWARDS TRIBUTE TO WHITNEY HOUSTON: Last night's Billboard Music Awards included a moving tribute to WHITNEY HOUSTON, who was given the Millennium Award.

Whitney's daughter Bobbi Kristina was on hand to accept the honor.

SNAPSHOT: Here is what MILEY CYRUS wore to the Billboard Music awards last night. Your thoughts?

R.I.P - ROBIN GIBB: Just days after the death of one legend of the disco era, ROBIN GIBB died yesterday of cancer. He was 62 and had been ill with the disease for several years. Robin, his twin Maurice, and their older brother Barry were known collectively as The Bee Gees.

The group's late 70's Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, which epitomized the disco era, was the best-selling film soundtrack in history before being surpassed by Whitney Houston's soundtrack to The Bodyguard in the early 90's.

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