Tuesday, September 25, 2012

SOFIA VERGARA TWEETS PHOTO OF HER BUTTCRACK!!!: SOFIA VERGARA'S badunk is apparantly so bootylicious, her Emmy dress couldn't contain it.

The zipper on the back of the dress split, and Sofia was kind enough to Tweet a picture of the result.

But  before you hit up the link for the photo, I must warn you: While Sofia IS wearing underwear , you WILL see straight-up buttcrack. (PHOTO)

IS THE KIM KARDASHIAN LOOK ALIKE IN THE KANYE WEST SEX TAPE REALLY KIM?: The reports of KANYE WEST having a sex tape with a KIM KARDASHIAN look-alike are not only true, but now, some websites are claiming it's not a look-alike, it's actually Kim!

Okay, who’s up for a good conspiracy theory? Here’s what’s being floated on the World Wide Web of Celebrity Collusion … Kim was cheating on KRIS HUMPHRIES with Kanye when the tape was made.

When word got out it had been lifted from his hard drive and would be shopped around to the highest bidder, Kim had to cover her proverbial backside because any evidence that she cheated would be financially devastating to her in the divorce.

So they paid an aspiring model who goes by Mony Monn and resembles Kim six figures to claim she's the woman in the tape. Still with me? Okay, then they gave her some pictures of Kim to mix in with her own photos on Facebook to confuse us even further.

Above and below are a couple of photos of Mony, and I must say she does look a lot like Kim. Damn, you, Kanye, you evil genius, you. Now I am confused.

ANOTHER BEY-BE? MAYBE: There's a rumor going around that BEYONCÉ has done been fetused again.

The "evidence" is dubious at best, but since we traffic in rumor and innuendo, and since our slogan is 'We Report, You Decide," I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't hit you up with the deets. So here's the deal:

Hollywood Life reports that the  leopard print dress Bey was snapped in New York City fillng out clung a little tighter than usual to her midsection, exposing what they insist looks like a baby bump. (PHOTO)

When the gossip site asked Bey’s rep if she’s preggers, his response was ”I do not comment on her personal life.” Not exactly a denial, sooooo...


BABY POOP - SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR HAS A BOY: SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR and FREDDIE PRINZE JR. have a brand new bouncing baby boy. Sarah's rep says she gave birth last week. There's no word on the kid's name yet. The newborn joins big sister Charlotte Grace, 3.


Relax, MILA KUNIS and LIAM HEMSWORTH fans, it’s strictly on a professional basis. The photo is a promo for Cyrus’ guest shot on an upcoming “Two and a Half Men” episode. She's actually playing ANGUS T. JONES’ love interest on the show.

On a related strange bedfellows note … check out the promo shot for the new ‘Scary Movie’ that’ll be hitting theatres in the coming months featuring CHARLIE SHEEN and LINDSAY LOHAN sharing sheets

DANCING WITH THE STARS UPDATE: Three minutes. That's how long it took judge Bruno to get in the first sexual innuendo of the season on last nights’ season premiere of "Dancing With the Stars: All Stars"

While critiquing Joey Fatone’s cha-cha, Bruno masterfully worked in the suggestive phrase, and I quote, "I like a man that gives it large." Oh, Bruno! You're such a horn dog!

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