Friday, July 26, 2013

TODAY IN AMANDA BYNES: Here's a rundown of the latest AMANDA BYNES news: Her parents have filed court documents to impose a conservatorship.

If approved, Lynn and Rick Bynes would have control over Amanda's finances and other aspects of her life. There will be a court hearing on the matter later this morning (Friday).

Meanwhile ... Doctors are extending her hospital stay for two weeks saying they need that much time to properly diagnose her.

TMZ says they've noticed schizophrenic tendencies and believe she's suffering from severe mental illness. Insiders tell the gossip site Amanda is aware “there’s a good Amanda and a bad Amanda,” and that yesterday she was lucid for about 10 hours, but her personality changed radically when she was questioned about the fire that landed her in the hospital.

She also supposedly went nuts when told her parents are watching her dog, allegedly screaming, “They’ll kill it just like they tried to kill me.”

On the upside ... Amanda is said to have tested negative for all drugs, except marijuana. Radar Online, though, claims she's been taking Adderall for years -- supposedly for weight loss -- and it's doing nothing but adding to her paranoia.

TODAY IN JUSTIN BIEBER DOUCHEY BEHAVIOR: JUSTIN BIEBER'S saliva is back in the news again. In the last couple of months, he's allegedly spit on his neighbor and a club DJ. Yesterday in Toronto, it appears he may have been spitting on some of his Beliebers.

Photos on the World Wide Wed of Celebrities Behaving Badly show Justin hanging out on a hotel balcony and spitting over it. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

Fans were gathered below all day so they could have been his potential saliva bomb target, but to be fair, it's not clear who or what was down there at the time he was photographed spitting. Here's a photo of some of his so-called Beliebers massing below him the Biebs himself posted ...

BABY POOP: JIMMY FALLON Tweeted a picture of his newborn baby, Winnie Rose, and actress JAIME KING posted a pregnant bikini pic of herself ...

RIHANNA FINED FOR BLOWING OFF DEPOSITION: Last summer RIHANNA filed a lawsuit against her former accounting firm claiming they had “mismanaged her money and owed her millions”. They, in turn, fired back saying there was no mismanagement going on, RiRi just had a bad spending habit. Yeah, huh? Can you imagine how much she spends on weed alone?

They've been trying to get her to sit down for a deposition since last November, but she's left them hanging on at least 4 occasions, so they asked a judge to punish her for wasting their time and money --  and the judge sided with them.

Rihanna not only has to cough up $47,050, but if she doesn't want to case dismissed entirely, she must sit down for a deposition on August 28th.

TAYLOR SWIFT: TAYLOR SWIFT took her crew and opening act ED SHEERAN out to eat after her show in Philadelphia, and when she found out the chef's autistic son is a huge fan, she gave him two tickets for her show the next night.

E! says the tab was 800 bucks and that Tay left a $500 tip. She was also gracious enough to pose for pictures with the restaurant staff.

SPLITSVILLE - POPULATION KRISTIN WIIG: KRISTEN WIIG and STROKES drummer FABRIZIO MORETTI have broken up after dating a year and a half. No word on why they called it quits. Oh, and if the name Fabrizio Moretti sounds familiar, it's because he's the same guy who famously dated DREW BARRYMORE a few years back.

CELEBRITIES BEHAVING BADLY - DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER'S WIFE WANTED BY POLICE: DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER and wife BETH CHAPMAN make their living chasing down fugitives. Now they are fugitives. Police in Colorado have issued an arrest warrant for Beth after she allegedly berated a teenager while on a fishing trip.

According to TMZ, Beth and Dog were "fishing at a lake earlier this month when a car roared by, which didn't sit well with the famous couple and their kids." Beth then called the teen passenger a "tramp, a whore and a slut, among other choice words."

Beth eventually called 911, claiming that someone in the car was carrying a gun with his hand on the grip. But by the time cops arrived, she and her family had left. The teen filed a criminal harassment complaint, because under Colorado law, if you taunt, challenge or use "coarse language" against someone, it's a crime.

Sadly, Dog won't get the chance to hunt down his own wife. Word is Beth has already arranged to turn herself in and accept the summons to appear in court.

HOT OR NOT - HUGH GRANT: HUGH GRANT is letting himself go gray. Hot or not?

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