Monday, September 23, 2013

TODAY IN CELEBRITY WARDROBE MISHAPS - TINA FEY: Did you watch The Emmys last night? Bor-ring! No swearing. No twerking. Oh, well, at least there was some nudity thanks to TINA FEY.

While accepting a writing award for "30 Rock", Tina scrunched her arms together while wearing a low cut dress resulting in a brief peek-a-boo from one of Tina's peepers! The wardrobe malfunction would've probably gone unnoticed were it not for DVR's and the evil Internet.

HAS MILEY CYRUS MOVED ON TOO?!: LIAM HEMSWORTH might not be the only one moving on with his romantic life. Rumors are swirling of a romance between MILEY CYRUS and her producer-friend Mike Will (a.k.a. Mike Will Made It) thanks to this Instagram photo posted Saturday night, which shows the two looking very cozy.

London's Daily Mail adds fuel to the romance fire with a photo it posted of Miley and Mike being all touchy-feely backstage after one of Miley's performances at a music festival in Vegas. The way they were interacting definitely gives the impression they are way more than just friends and collaborators. (PHOTO)

Meanwhile ... Miley pulled her usual shtick at the aforementioned music festival Saturday. She wore two different outfits and both were pretty skanky. One was a see-through mesh mini-dress under which she wore nothing but bikini bottoms and pasties. The other a white two-piece corset-type thing that gave her a pretty pronounced camel toe. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

Speaking of her performance ... Miley broke down crying while singing “Wrecking Ball” – which is reportedly about her relationship with Liam Hemsworth. It was the first time on stage for her since the breakup. It’s hard to tell when you listen to it, because she powers through it, but at the end of the video her whole face is wet with tears, and her mascara is running. (PHOTO)

KIM KARDASHIAN SHOWS US HER (OPRAH) PIC: Whomever it was you hung out with this weekend KIM KARDASHIAN can top it; she hung out with the great and powerful O!

Kimmie posted a couple of photos to Instagram on Sunday that shows her partying in some VIP area with KANYE and DIDDY, sitting next to Oprah. "Oh no big deal," she captioned the pic.

ON THE EMMY RED CARPET: Why is science not studying how RAQUEL WELCH can still look this good at 73-years-old?  I'll have what she's having! (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

Speaking of total knockouts ... Check out the eye-popping number SOFIA VERGARA wore. (PHOTO)

MOZEL TOV!: ANDY SAMBERG wed longtime girlfriend Joanna Newsom Saturday. They dated for five years before making THE BIG MISTAKE over the weekend. 

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