Friday, December 06, 2013

DID PARIS HILTON REALLY CONFUSE MANDELA WITH MLK IN TWEET?: A tweet purported to be from PARIS HILTON that read "RIP Nelson Mandela. Your 'I Have A Dream' speech was so inspirin" made the rounds after Mandela's death yesterday, but is it for real?

Well, according to the Buzzfeed website, it is not. Hilton herself took to Twitter -- this time for real -- to deny it came from her as well ...

So relax, Twitterverse, Paris did not perpetuate the blonde stereotype; she knows Nelson Mandela from Martin Luther King Jr.

AMANDA BYNES - OUT OF REHAB, BACK IN TROUBLE WITH A JUDGE: She's only been out of rehab for a little over a day, and AMANDA BYNES has already managed to tick off a judge. Word is Your Honor was pissed that Bynes didn't show up for her New York City court appearance.

The court case was the result of charges brought against her from her bong-tossing incident. Amanda was accused of reckless endangerment, attempted evidence tampering and marijuana possession after allegedly throwing a bong from her apartment window after cops knocked on her door.

Her lawyer explained to the judge yesterday that Amanda could not be in court as she was just released from a Malibu rehab center and is staying with her parents in L.A. TMZ reports the judge was "irritated" by her absence and told her lawyer she better show up for the rescheduled court date "or else a warrant will be ordered."

FIRST PHOTOS OF POST-REHAB BYNES: As mentioned above, Amanda has been released from the psychiatric hospital she's been in since July, and is looking healthy and "feeling better." She and her parents were photographed out for a walk yesterday and not only did she look good, she sounded better than she has in a long time too. (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (LISTEN)

TEENS TRY STEALING SOME OF THE WRECKAGE FROM CAR  PAUL WALKER DIED IN: Two thieves made off with part of the charred Porsche 'Fast & Furious' star PAUL WALKER died it -- at least temporarily.

The guys allegedly took the T-top from the roof of the Porsche as it was being towed to an impound yard late Saturday, grabbing the part from the tow truck when it was stopped at a red light. Luckily, the tow truck driver saw it happen and helped police track them down.

The T-top was found at 18-year-old Jameson Witty's house and he was arrested. His partner in crime has been contacted by authorities and is expected to surrender soon. The pair will face charges of felony grand theft and tampering with evidence.

PAUL WALKER SECRETS BOUGHT ENGAGEMENT RING FOR IRAQ WAR VET: After Paul Walker's death, many of his co-stars talked about what a giving person he was. Well, here’s a great example of Paul’s kind and giving spirit; it was revealed this week that he secretly bought a $9,000 engagement ring for an Iraq War vet and his new bride after he overheard them saying they couldn’t afford it.

Kyle Upham and his wife Kristen were in a Santa Barbara jewelry store in 2004 looking for a ring when they encountered Walker. They ultimately left without buying anything, but a store clerk called them back a little while later and said an anonymous party had bought them the ring.

The store kept Walker’s secret until his death, when they decided to go public with the generous tale.

BRITNEY B.S.: RadarOnline is claiming that BRITNEY SPEARS' dad and her manager have banned her from going online because they want to keep her in a, quote, "bubble", where she's protected from the haters.

Specifically, they're trying to keep her from reading the reviews that her new album, "Britney Jean", has been getting. Although they haven't been that bad, most people are saying it's just OK.

And even though it's selling great, her handlers are still worried that the criticism could send Britney into another, quote, "bad tailspin." And that would be a disaster since her big Vegas show is set to launch in a few weeks, on December 27th.

UPDATE – IS KARDASHIAN WARHOL PAINTING A HOAX?: Remember that story about KANYE WEST paying Andy Warhol's cousin $30,000 to paint a portrait of KIM KARDASHIAN? It may all be a hoax.

The painting exists, yes, but Kim says she's never heard of Monica Warhol, and now KimYe have decided not to take the painting. Kim thinks it might be a ploy by Monica to get her 15 minutes of fame.

Monica has another explanation, though. She believes Kim didn't know about the gift, but when she let the cat out of the bag, the surprise was ruined and now they don't want it. She says if Kanye won't take the portrait, she'll sell it to whoever wants it.

THE LITTLE COUPLE'S JEN ARNOLD HAS CANCER: JEN ARNOLD, one of the stars of TLC's The Little Couple, has cancer.

"I have recently been diagnosed with a rare type of cancer and am currently undergoing treatment, including surgery and chemotherapy," she announced this morning on her Facebook page.

" I am very fortunate as the prognosis is good." She did not disclose any specifics.

Jen and her husband, Bill Klein, are the adoptive parents of three-year-old Will and two-year-old Zoey, who they recently brought home from India.

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