Friday, March 21, 2014

BABY POOP - FIRST PHOTO OF PREGNANT XTINA: CHRISTINA AGUILERA was photographed for the first time since she announced her pregnancy and engagement last month. Xtina and her barely-there baby bump was snapped on Sunday enjoying Disneyland with her six-year-old son and her fiancé. (PHOTO)

WHAT IS THIS STRIPPER'S FACE DOING IN MILEY CYRUS' BUTT?: MILEY CYRUS hit up a strip club in New Orleans earlier this week. And one dancer in particular got up close and personal -- and by that I mean she shoved her face into Miley's backside. Miley returned the favor by shoving her face into the dancer's cleavage.  (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

MADONNA'S HAIRY SELFIE: Yesterday it was a butt shot. Today MADONNA got even more up-close-and-personal with an Instagram of her armpit -- and a hairy one at that! "Long hair...... Don't Care!!!!!!" she captioned it.

ROMANCE REPORT - LAMAR WANTS BACK, KHLOE NOT SO MUCH: For KHLOE KARDASHIAN the caring doesn’t end just because the marriage does.

E! Online reports that despite filing for divorce, she’s still checking on LAMAR ODOM to make sure he’s okay. But even though they’re evidently on good terms, Khloe doesn’t see reconciliation in their future.

Lammie, on the other hand, wouldn’t mind getting back together. He recently told In Touch Weekly he wanted to “make it work with Khlo√©."

'BROKE GIRL' SHOWS US HER PICS: BETH BEHRS from "2 Broke Girls" got almost topless for a photo shoot. It's a nice enough picture, but call me back when co-star KAT DENNINGS wears the outfit.

REMEMBER HIM?: Remember that "MacGyver" guy RICHARD DEAN ANDERSON? He's a little grayer and a little chubbier these days, but, hey, aren't we all? (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

SURVEY SAYS: Us Weekly surveyed it readers on their favorite celebrity couple nicknames, and the mashup given to the BRAD PITT/ANGELINA JOLIE pairing came in #1.

Forty-five percent of the readers chose "Brangelina" as their fav. "Bennifer" was a far away second with twenty-five percent of the votes and twenty-one percent liked the ring of "TomKat" for TOM CRUISE and KATIE HOLMES.

Only nine percent chose "Kimye," the nickname used when referring to KIM KARDASHIAN and KANYE WEST.

BABY POOP - HEMSWORTH AND WIFE WELCOME TWINS: "Thor" is a daddy! CHRIS HEMSWORTH and his wife welcomed twins yesterday afternoon. No word on the names or sexes of the babies.

WATCH - KATY PERRY'S 'DARK HORSE' SUNG IN 20 STYLES: One song, one guy, 20 styles – complete awesomeness.

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