Monday, March 17, 2014

CHRIS BROWN THROWN IN JAIL AFTER BEING BOOTED FROM REHAB: CHRIS BROWN was arrested on Friday for violating his probation after he was kicked out of rehab for allegedly breaking some rules at the clinic.

It's not clear what Brown did to get the boot, but TMZ doesn't think it involves drugs, violence, or the "inappropriate relationship" he was found to be having with a female staffer earlier this month.

He was supposed to stay until April 28th, when his D.C. assault case goes before a judge. It's unclear how long he will have to remain in jail. TMZ speculates Brown will probably spend the next month in the clink.

His lawyer will be in court today to try and get Chris moved into another rehab center.

DEMI LOVATO BLASTS LADY GAGA SXSW PERFORMANCE: LADY GAGA made lots of news over the weekend for getting puked on -- on purpose.

During her performance at South by Southwest in Austin, Gaga invited 'vomit painter' Millie Brown on stage. Brown drank a bottle of green liquid and then stuck her fingers down her throat so she could regurgitate the substance onto Gaga as Gaga played drums. (PHOTO)

And not everyone found that artsy. DEMI LOVATO got on Gaga for allegedly “glamorizing eating disorders.” Lovato, who has been open about her own past struggles with eating disorders, called the antics "sad" and said in her opinion, there was nothing "cool" or "artsy" about her actions.

In her extensive remarks, Lovato argued that "putting the word 'art' in it isn't a free card to do whatever you want without consequences." Lovato added that she's "still a little monster," but as an "activist" she felt something had to be said. "No hate," she wrote. "No shade, just love."

MILEY CYRUS SHOWS US HER PICS: MILEY CYRUS got a tattoo of a sad kitten face inside her bottom lip.

MAZEL TOV!: BRITNEY SPEARS' little sister Jamie Lynn made The Big Mistake this weekend in New Orleans. Her father, Jamie, walked her down the aisle, and her daughter was the flower girl. Britney’s boys were ring bearers. Brit was there, of course, with her boyfriend. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

This was Jamie’s first trip down the aisle. She was engaged to the baby daddy but they called it off.

ROMANCE REPORT – RIHANNA AND DRAKE ARE OFFICIAL: RIHANNA and DRAKE have long been an item, but, as TMZ puts it, they were just "casually hooking up"—until now. Sources say they're now an exclusive couple and have been spending every night together in Europe as Drake tours.

On a related note ... Someone caught RiRi on video at a club somewhere, kicking a dude out of the men's bathroom because she didn't want to wait for the women's. And Drake helped her do it.

MADONNA SHOWS US HER PICS: Check out MADONNA dressed as Daenerys Targaryen from "Game of Thrones" ...

R.I.P: Comedian DAVID BRENNER has died of cancer. He was 78. One of David's claims to fame was that he appears on "The Tonight Show" 158 times back in the JOHNNY CARSON era, more than any other guest.

Meanwhile ... WAYNE KNIGHT, who played Newman on "Seinfeld", is not dead. Reports of Knight dying in a car accident in Pennsylvania this weekend weren’t only greatly exaggerated, they were false. Wayne himself denied his death on Twitter …

After he saw how much the death hoax was trending on social media, he sent this follow up tweet …

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