Monday, March 31, 2014

JUSTIN GIVES SELENA A RING - ARE THEY ENGAGED?: SELENA GOMEZ is wearing a ring on that finger, and word is JUSTIN BIEBER gave it to her. People first noticed it over the weekend when Selena wore it to the Kids Choice Awards, but she's supposedly been wearing it since she and The Biebz reunited in South Texas earlier this month.

According to a source, it's not an engagement ring, but they are back together and it is serious. Serious enough that the tattletale says Selena's family "is extremely worried that she'll do something crazy like elope with him," adding, "Selena is totally wrapped back up in Justin, it's the same pattern happening all over again."

LILO TALKS SEX LIST AND REHAB: LINDSAY LOHAN finally addressed that infamous list of conquests -- kind of. On today's "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Ellen asked Linds who she wrote the song "Over" about and LiLo responded "apparently there's a list of many guys!"

That was all we got on the Who's Who of supposed Hook Ups, but LiLo didnt shy away from other topics. While talking about her most recent stay in rehab she explained that it was the first time she was ready and willing to get help, before that, her stints were just to avoid jail time.

CHRIS MARTIN + GWYNETH'S MOM WISH SHE'D RECONSIDER: Unlike GWYNETH PALTROW, CHRIS MARTIN would rather not uncouple. According to London's Daily Mail, Martin  "still loves Gwyneth and...hopes they might be able to rediscover what they had."

Gwyneth's mother, actress BLYTHE DANNER, is also rooting for a reconciliation. "She begged Gwyneth not to end it, that he's a good man," an Us Weekly source says. "But Gwyneth had to do what she felt was best."

Meanwhile ... If and when the Paltrow-Martin divorce moves forward, TMZ says both Chris and Gwyneth want it to be as amicable as possible so that no allegations of cheating will surface through legal documents. Translation: They both did!

ROMANCE REPORT - RIHANNA AND DRAKE PHOTOGRAPHED HOLDING HANDS: It's starting to look like DRAKE and RIHANNA are official. The two were seen holding hands as they left a club in London last week. (PHOTO)

Sources tell Us Weekly Drake and RiRi are both catching feelings for each other, adding, “He lives for her, [and] she’s really into him, too.” It must be progressing because they aren’t hiding it like they used to.

WATCH - ADAM LEVINE'S BIG SCREEN DEBUT: "Sexiest Man Alive" ADAM LEVINE is making the move to movies. Check his debut in the trailer for "Begin Again" below. His former The Voice co-star CEE LO GREEN, by the way, makes a cameo appearance ...

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