Tuesday, April 15, 2014

TAYLOR SWIFT SURPRISES FAN AT BRIDAL SHOWER: bride-to-be Gena Gabrielle of Columbus, Ohio, got the shock of her life on Sunday when TAYLOR SWIFT showed up unannounced at her bridal shower.

It wasn't a total random party-crashing from Swift; she and Gabrielle had met back in 2007 at one of her meet and greets and remained friends through the years.

Gena not only got a lifetime of memories, she also received an insane spread of kitchenware from Tay ...

COULD BE TRUE, COULD BE CRAP - BEYONCE AGREES TO BE ONE OF KIM K'S BRIDESMAIDS: Even though there were rumors that BEY and KIM KARDASHIAN weren’t getting along, she’s supposedly put it all behind her to participate in Kimmy's special day. Or so says the not-always-reliable Media Take Out. If the site is to be believed, BeyoncĂ© has agreed to be a bridesmaid.

If true, KANYE WEST will be over the moon because JAY Z is his boy, and he so wants them to be a part of his wedding.


'DANCING' ELIMINATION: CODY SIMPSON of  Big Time Rush fame was sent home last night on "Dancing With the Stars". He seemed pretty bummed about it.

TODAY IN CELEBRITY HAIR: KELLY OSBOURNE hit up Instagram to show off her punk inspired buzz cut ...

On a related note ... Page Six reported that PARIS HILTON had seen Kelly in a VIP area of the Coachella music festival and allegedly called her the “b-word” when Kelly wouldn't acknowledge her presence. Osbourne took to Twitter to address the issue, saying that Paris needed to grow up, but Hilton denies there ever was an encounter. “I’m confused, as I did not see you once this entire weekend," she Tweeted back. "No clue how these stories get invented.”

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