Thursday, May 29, 2014

BRAD PITT ATTACKED AT 'MALEFICENT' PREMIERE: BRAD PITT was attacked yesterday at the premiere of ANGELINA JOLIE'S new movie "Maleficent".

The guy who did it is the same Ukrainian TV presenter who put his head under AMERICA FERRERA'S dress at the Cannes film festival a couple weeks ago, and pushed his face into BRADLEY COOPER'S crotch on this past January.

Eyewitnesses say he climbed over a fan area barrier and ran up Brad, then either touched or hit his face. Security guards quickly wrestled him back over the barrier and held him there for the LAPD, who arrested the idiot and led him away in handcuffs. (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

Brad kept signing autographs and talking to fans, then headed into the theater. Angelina was in a different area at the time.

IS J-LO'S BOY TOY CHEATING ON HER WITH A TRANNY?!: JENNIFER LOPEZ may be losing her boyfriend to someone who has something she can't give him.

A transsexual model claims she (he?) and Casper Smart have been having an inappropriate online relationship. Her name (his name?) is Sofie Vissa, and she (he?) claims to have naked photos of Casper to prove it.

A source told the gossip website The Dirty they met via Instagram earlier this month and things quickly went from flirting to exchanging naughty photos. But someone said to be connected to Casper told London's Daily Main those accusation are "absurd," adding, "Someone must be posing as Casper...There are no pictures of him."

This morning, Casper's Instagram account appears to have been deleted.

RadarOnline has previously reported that one of the dancers Smart has worked with claims he is gay. Both Casper and Jennifer have denied that claim.

DID BEIBER BAG VICKY SUE MODEL?: JUSTIN BIEBER may or may not have hooked up with Victoria's Secret model ADRIANA LIMA at the Cannes Film Festival last Tuesday. One source says he was working her pretty hard at a club, where they ended up dancing, flirting and allegedly leaving together at 5 in the morning.

Here's the photo of them together he posted on Instagram ...

Another source, however, claims Bieber tried to jump in with her crew when she left the club, but that she denied him. For the record, she's 32, he’s 20.

RANDOM ISH: BRUCE WILLIS' daughter, Scout, walked around New York City topless, then posted a couple of photos of herself on Twitter. She did it in protest of Instagram's ban on female nudity. Check out the uncensored-may-not-be-safe-for-work pics here and here.

MARIAH CAREY busted out her cleavage at the World Music Awards Tuesday night.

KATY PERRY has been named Cosmo's first ever "global cover star", meaning she'll appear on the cover of the June issue of all 62 editions of the magazine around the world. Here are a few examples ...

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