Friday, May 02, 2014

CELEBRITY COURT - MARC ANTHONY: Back in February, MARC ANTHONY’S ex, Dayanara Torres, filed court papers to get her child support payments bumped up from $13-thousand dollars to $112-thousand a month.

Torres claimed she needed more money so their boys could live in luxury like the kids Marc has with JENNIFER LOPEZ do. Marc hit back saying Dayanara was to blame for her own financial issues because she mismanaged the money she was getting.

Well, yesterday in court, Dayanara reiterated her claim that Marc hasn't been honest in disclosing all of his assets and income. According to TMZ, Anthony shot back that it wasn't that he was hiding anything, it was just that he's so rich it's hard to keep track of every single dollar he earns.

Besides, he claimed, he already shells out enough and paying more support would just "spoil them rotten." Yeah, that didn't go over well with the judge. He ordered Marc to submit a complete accounting of his income, assets, and expenses by 10 A.M. Tuesday.

CELEBRITY COURT - CHRIS BROWN: Seven weeks behind bars has evidently been a bit rough on CHRIS BROWN. Dude looked a little haggard during a court hearing yesterday. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

And his days of wearing an orange jumpsuit are not over yet. The judge ruled he will remain in jail until the next hearing on May 9 when both sides will come back to court and say whether they could strike a deal over the probation violation.

If the two sides didn't see eye-to-eye, and the judge determines Brown violated his probation, Chris is looking at the prospect of going to prison for up to 4 years.

MORE DEETS ON CLOONEY'S PROPOSAL: GEORGE CLOONEY is a total pimp. The "New York Post" says his proposal to Amal Alamuddin included a home cooked meal, and him getting down on bended knee. Oh, and he designed the ring himself.

New York's Page Six reports if all goes according to plan, the happy couple is hoping to say, “I do,” by the end of the summer.

THE REAL REASON PAULA PATTON PULLED THE PLUG ON HER MARRIAGE?: If what Star magazine is claims is true, the reason Paula Patton gave ROBIN THICKE the boot was because he was getting his swerve on with a girl behind her back – a girl they were supposedly both involved with.

The rarely-reliable tab reports Robin was caught in a compromising position with a masseuse they were carrying on a consensual three-way relationship for about two years. Star says Paula was pissed when she walked in on them getting it on without her last summer. A source said Patton “felt betrayed and humiliated” by “the two people she thought she could trust the most.”

Robin is categorically denying the report. In fact, Page Six says he’s threatening to sue the publication, and that his lawyer has already contacted them.

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