Friday, May 09, 2014

DID LADY GAGA SHADE KATY PERRY?: Did LADY GAGA just start a Twitter feud with KATY PERRY? Yesterday Gaga posted this tweet that some have perceived as a slight toward Katy ...
Now, I can't say for sure she was directing that Tweet at Katy, but that very well could have been a reference to the green hair Perry's been rockin' for about a month now, and the animatronic horse Katy rode while performing "Dark Horse" during the first show of her Prismatic World Tour in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on Wednesday night.

So why would those things bother Gaga? Because she did them first. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

Ironic, if you ask me considering how much Gaga has ... ahem ... borrowed from Madonna.

PINK'S HUBBY JOKES ABOUT PREGNANCY RUMOR: Hope you didn’t run out and buy PINK a baby present yesterday because reports of her second pregnancy appear to be a lie.

OK! Magazine reported earlier this week that she and hubby CAREY HART were expecting baby number two, claiming Hart was spotted repeatedly rubbing her stomach and that Pink "was quick to move his hands away in case anyone saw."

But Carey took to Twitter to deny the story -- and he did it in a pretty crude and hilarious fashion ...

Pink herself hasn't addressed the rumor, and her rep doesn't "comment on our artists' personal lives."

PAULA PATTON TALKS ABOUT HER SPLIT WITH ROBIN THICKE: When ROBIN THICKE and PAULA PATTON announced they were splitting up back in February, Robin was declaring his love for his wife all over the place.

Paula, not so much. She pretty much stayed silent - until now. Asked by Vanity Fair if there's a chance she and Robin will get back together, Paula was non-committal. “All I can tell you is there’s a deep love there – always was, and always will be,” she said. Hmm…deep love, huh? You gotta wonder how deep it is if she can walk away. Or you’ve got to wonder just how bad Robin messed up!

Oh, by the way, Paula also posed topless in the magazine. Sadly, all the naughty bits were covered.

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