Tuesday, May 13, 2014

JAY Z ATTACKED BY BEYONCE'S SISTER!: Surveillance video has surfaced online of BEYONCÉ'S sister Solange Knowles attacking JAY Z in an elevator after a fashion event last week. And when I say attacked, I mean she went to town on him; yelling, punching, and kicking him to the point that she had to be restrained by a bodyguard.

There's no audio, so it's unclear what she was upset about but whatever it was happened at an after party. Supposedly it was over something he said that she took the wrong way, but since no one has commented yet it's only speculation.

In the video, which was supposedly leaked by hotel security to TMZ, Solange appears to yell at Jay Z before lunging at him and hitting him with her arms and purse. She then kicks at him, and has to be restrained by a guy who looks like a bodyguard.

There's another woman in the elevator and it definitely looks like Beyoncé. She mostly stays out of it, but does step in between them.

The whole thing lasts over three minutes, and you can see the bodyguard pushing buttons while he's bear-hugging Knowles. We're assuming he stopped the elevator to keep things private. She finally stops a couple minutes in, but keeps yelling. Then when the doors open she goes at him AGAIN, before they finally get out.

After the group exited the building, Solange and Bey took one car, while Jay was ushered off into a different one. Whatever went down between Jay and Solange, he’s not having any problems with his wife. According to E! Online, the two of them were all smiles spotted at the Brooklyn Nets game last night.

COULD BE TRUE, COULD BE CRAP - SELENA GOMEZ MADE GUYS SHE WORKED WITH NAMED JUSTIN CHANGE THEIR NAME: How badly does SELENA GOMEZ want to forget about JUSTIN BIEBER? Well, if you believe the Hollywood Life gossip site, bad enough to make guys named Justin change their name.

Word is Selena was shooting an Adidas commercial recently and some of the guys on the crew were named Justin -- and she supposedly made them change their name so she didn't have to say the name Justin! Not permanently, of course, just while she had to work with them.

The gossip site quotes an unnamed source as saying, "She's done and moving on from the broken promises and drama."

BABY POOP: According to at least one source, KELLY CLARKSON is going to be a mom pretty soon! (PHOTO)

RadarOnline is reporting Clarkson's due date is June 18th. Where are they getting that info? The baby registry, which they managed to get their hands on.

According to the site, Clarkson went a little crazy at Babies R Us with an 83-gift list that includes a lot of animal themed gifts, totaling around $3,000. There's a hippo humidifer, penguin purifier, an octopus floating bath thermometer, and a Koala baby blanket.

The registry is also peppered with a few must-have baby basics, like Elmo toothpaste and a breast pump.  (LINK)

This is Clarkson's first child, and the third for hubby Brandon Blackstock, who's already dad to 12-year-old Savannah and eight-year-old Seth.

NORTH WEST SPEAKS!: Yesterday we told you about the wall of roses KIM KARDASHIAN got for Mother’s Day from KANYE WEST. Today we have a video.

In the short Instagram vid you can even hear little North West say “da da.” As they say, “It’s totes adorbs.”

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