Friday, June 13, 2014

COULD BE TRUE, BUT PROBABLY CRAP: Is there trouble between JENNIFER ANISTON and JUSTIN THEROUX because his veiny arms remind her of ANGELINA JOLIE'S? The National Enquirer says 'yes'.

Their source says that Theroux has been hitting the gym hard and consequently "when she looks at [him], she feels like she's staring at a pumped-up male version of Angelina." (JUSTIN) (ANGELINA)

Justin supposedly sees this as "just another example of [Aniston] not being able to let go of the hurt and pain" BRAD PITT dumping her caused.

You gotta love tabloid journalism. Whichever Enquirer writer came up with this deserves a little something extra in his or her paycheck this week.

ROMANCE REPORT: Now we know why CLINT EASTWOOD was able to resist BARBARA WALTER'S advances the other night; he has a new girlfriend.

Her name is  Christina Sandera, and Us Weekly says she works as a hostess at Eastwood's Mission Ranch Hotel in Carmel, California.  (PHOTO)

According to their insider, "she lives with him in [the] house he used to share with [his estranged wife]. She moved in months ago."

BABY POOP: DREW BARRYMORE hit up Twitter to share the first photo of baby daughter Frankie. Frankie was born on April. Twenty-month-old daughter Olive is also in the pic...

TRACY MORGAN UPDATE: It sounds like TRACY MORGAN is making some progress in his recovery, but it's still a pretty serious situation. Yesterday, his rep issued this update: "Today was a better day. While Tracy remains in critical, but stable, condition, he continues to show signs of improvement. His medical team remains optimistic that his recovery is progressing."

HARRISON FORD WAS INJURED ON THE SET OF ‘STAR WARS’- WILL HE DIE?: HARRISON FORD suffered an injury on the set of "Star Wars". Word is he broke his ankle while shooting a scene in the Millennium Falcon. Supposedly, one of the ship's hydraulic doors closed on it.

Some of the British tabloids are claiming his ankle was "crushed" and that he was "clutching his chest when he was on the stretcher" as he was "AIR-LIFTED" to a "TRAUMA UNIT," but before you start geeking out, there is little cause for concern.

He won't have to have his leg amputated, or anything like that. Disney doesn't even seem too worried. They released a statement saying "shooting will continue as planned while he recuperates."

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