Tuesday, June 17, 2014

WE REPORT, YOU DECIDE - DID NICOLE KIDMAN GET A BOOB JOB?!: NICOLE KIDMAN showed up on the red carpet the other day looking a lot bustier than usual. So did she get breast implants?

I dunno, but she sure was showing off plenty of cleavage, and the girls appeared to be rounder and more bountiful than ever.

Radar Online took it upon itself to speak to some plastic surgeons who say it definitely looks like she pumped them up. But never mind what the experts think, what do you think? Because around here, We Report,You Decide!

Here's Nic and her old man at the aforementioned red carpet event in Melbourne, Australia the other day:

Here's a pic of her last year:

And here's her gloriously flat-chested look from 2003:

'DANCING' PRO MARK BALLAS WAS IN A CAR ACCIDENT - WILL HE DIE?!: "Dancing with the Stars" pro MARK BALLAS was hospitalized yesterday afternoon after he was involved in a car accident.

Mark was reportedly at an intersection in the process of turning right, when he was rear-ended by a car that was allegedly speeding behind him.

Although he's said to be dealing with whiplash and back pain, Mark is going to be okay. TMZ says docs checked him out, gave him some pain pills, and sent him on his way.

IT'S GOOD TO BE KING: While most of us are watching the World Cup games from the comfort of our own couch, LEONARDO DICAPRIO is in Brazil enjoying the games in person -- but he's not doing it alone. Oh, no, no, no, not Leo. He reportedly hand-picked fifty lovely ladies to party with him.

The not-always-reliable British tabloids claim he had 30 of them flown in specially and put up in a fancy hotel. The other 20 are locals. Word is he even rented out an entire nightclub and "had bottles and bottles of Dom Perignon champagne" flowing all night.

"He didn't really cozy up to any one girl in particular," said one source. "He was really sociable and kept wandering from one woman to the next. He seemed keen to have a good time with all of them." It's good to be the king.

'BLOSSOM' SHOWS US HER PICS: "Blossom" stars MAYIM BIALIK, JOEY LAWRENCE, JENNA VON OY and MICHAEL STOYANOV got together to promote the fact that the show is coming to the Hub Network next month. Mayim Tweeted out a couple of reunion pics ...

Speaking of cast reunions ... if you were hoping for a "Cosby Show" reunion, sorry, but it ain't gonna happen. In a recent chat on Reddit, BILL COSBY was asked if he'd ever consider doing a reunion episode of "The Cosby Show"

"No, thank you," he replied. "Those people are too old now."

TRACY MORGAN UPDATE: TRACY MORGAN spent nine days in critical condition, but his recovery is coming along. His rep says, quote, "Happy to pass along that Tracy has been upgraded to fair condition, which is a great improvement.His personality is certainly starting to come back as well."

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