Thursday, July 24, 2014

DID JUSTIN BIEBER USE A WHEELCHAIR AT DISNEYLAND TO CUT LINE?!: THE BIEBZ was at the Happiest Place on Earth in Anaheim on Sunday and he posed with a fan while he was in a wheelchair.  Of course, she posted the photo -- who wouldn't, right? I mean, it's Justin Bieber.

Well, the backlash online was swift among people outraged that Justin would dare use a wheelchair to cut the long ride lines.

Justin's people deny that was the case. They say he's nursing a knee injury, and pointed out that he doesn't even need a wheelchair to cut anyway because Disney doesn't make him wait in lines. Someone already escorts him onto rides in order to avoid large crowds.

NENE LEAKS VS. WENDING WILLIAMS – WHO YOU GOT?: Apparently WENDY WILLIAMS shaded NENE LEAKS over her custom-made Birkin bag and NeNe is pissed

The Real Housewife of Atlanta posted a pic of the bag with the caption, “#personalized #Birkin #neneisms #hermes customized by me & my husband had a fit.”

Wendy responded that the bag wasn’t original as many other stars had also painted on their Birkins. In addition, she asked her Twitter followers to ask what they thought about the reality show star defacing the purse.

Well, you KNOW NeNe wasn’t about to do a “Frozen” and let it go, let it go, let it go! She took to the Internet with a lengthy rant about Wending spewing hate and not giving the whole story about their relationship. Leakes went on to say that Williams was just mad because she’d turned down an invitation to come on her show.

She also hinted that Wendy should be scared because of the ease with which she could replace her. She ended her rant by calling her “WIG.” (According to the Urban Dictionary, its’ a term used to describe someone who is fake.)

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