Tuesday, August 19, 2014

CELEBS EMBRACE CELEBRITY ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE: At this point are there any celebrities left who have not done the Ice Bucket Challenge? Here are a few of the latest ...

CHARLIE SHEEN didn't do it like anybody else because, well, because Charlie is Charlie. Instead of water, he dumped $10,000 in cash on his head.

Celebrities who poured actual ice water on themselves in the last 48 hours include LADY GAGA, who did it wordlessly, while wearing what appears to be a bondage-inspired one-piece bathing suit and black lipstick.

DRAKE had a waste basket of ice water dumped on his head during a show, and then made all the ladies scream by taking off his shirt.

BRITNEY SPEARS did it while standing in the shallow end of what appears to be her swimming pool. She may or may not have dropped the F-word at the end.

(Although not on the same level of celebrity as the names dropped above, we got soaked for a good cause too.)

JUSTIN BIEBER SETTLES ANOTHER CASE: Remember the pet monkey JUSTIN BIEBER abandoned in Germany?

German authorities say Justin paid $10,700 to settle a fine and pay for the costs of caring for a monkey he brought into the country last year without the necessary papers. The monkey was seized by customs, and Bieber didn't bother to claim the animal. The monkey now lives in a zoo in northern Germany.

ELLEN DEGENERES SHOWS US HER PICS: For their sixth anniversary, PORTIA DE ROSSI surprised ELLEN DEGENERES by having a skywriter write the word "SIX" in the sky.

BABY POOP: CHRISTIAN BALE and his wife welcomed a baby boy. He's their second child. They also have a 9-year-old daughter. Bale is extremely protective of his personal life, and he’s never even confirmed his older child's name.

MILLA JOVOVICH and her movie producer husband are expecting their second child, too, forcing them to postpone filming the final chapter of the Resident Evil movie franchise.

She released a statement on her Facebook, which read in part, "Between the stunt work and what will become my ever-expanding belly, we didn’t think pregnancy and zombie killing are the best combo! I imagine the only thing I’ll be killing in the near future is an endless supply of cupcakes."

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