Wednesday, October 01, 2014

ARE KIM AND KANYE ARGUING ABOUT HER STOLEN NUDES?: Some nude pictures of KIM KARDASHIAN were among the photos stolen and posted online a couple of weeks ago, and they've reportedly caused a serious rift between her and KANYE WEST.

Word is he'd never seen those pictures before, so he figures she took them before they were together, for an ex-boyfriend, and he's supposedly jealous. Radar Online says 'Ye is also angry because it hurts his attempt to distance Kim from her porno star past and re-brand the two of them as a power couple.

On a related Kardashian note ... In an interview with "Access Hollywood", DIDDY called JENNIFER LOPEZ's booty a "work of art", adding, "that thing is just incredible, man."

Asked if Kim's backside can compare, J.Lo's ex emphatically replied, "No way! No disrespect Kanye, Kim...but that thing right there, that thing right there is something special."

AMANDA BYNES KICKED OUT OF FASHION SCHOOL: If a new TMZ report is anywhere near accurate, it would seem the newly turning downward spiral has taken another spin for AMANDA BYNES.

Just two days after her Sunday arrest for DUI, Bynes was allegedly kicked out of Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Irvine, California, amid accusations she ditched classes, and allegedly showed up at school "clearly high" on numerous occasions.

One classmate claims Amanda laughed at inappropriate times, and would get into "horrendous arguments" with other students. Rachel Loritz tells TMZ that Bynes repeatedly offered to pay her and her classmates to do her homework for her -- something Loritz says she refused to do, but claims others did take her up on it. 

TMZ also says concerned friends have revealed to them that Bynes has stopped taking her medication.

LOL: Female celebrities with MICHAEL STRAHAN's gap tooth is high-larious! Buzzfeed has a few more.

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