Monday, October 13, 2014

WATCH - IGGY AZALEA'S PARKING LOT CONFRONTATION WITH PAPARAZZO: IGGY AZALEA and a friend got into a confrontation with a photographer at a grocery store, during which they allegedly spit on him and put him in a chokehold.

There doesn't appear to be video of that, but in a Youtube clip of them arguing in the parking lot Iggy admits to spitting on him. In the vid, the photographer says he could have Ebola or AIDS after being spat on, to which Iggy replies, "I hope you have Ebola and die." Then she calls him a phrase I can't repeat, and tries to ram him with her shopping cart.

She later said in a statement the guy had been following her all day and wouldn't leave her alone, although the person who shot the cell phone video disagrees. In the comment section on Youtube, the person states that "paparazzi spotted Iggy at the supermarket and did NOT follow her around all day and was never once asked to leave by anyone."

BYNES UPDATE: AMANDA BYNES was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold in a Pasadena, California, hospital on Friday. A hearing will be held early this week on whether to extend her hold. To do that, psychiatrists must prove that she's a "danger to herself, to others or is gravely disabled."

According to CNN, Amanda’s series of Tweeted accusations claiming her father was sexually, verbally, and physically abusive when she was a kid, and especially her subsequent Tweet retracting them, may be what they need to extend the hold. After Bynes deleted the accusatory Tweets, she posted …

According to guidelines on the Los Angeles County Superior Court website, psychiatric patients being held involuntarily who can be shown to be “having auditory hallucinations” or “responding to internal stimuli,” can continue to be detained under California’s 5150 law.

MAZEL TOV?: CAMERON DIAZ was spotted wearing a ring on her engagement finger. E! Online posted these pics of Cammie’s ring “above what appears to be an eternity band, a common choice among women for wedding rings.” (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

So are she and Benji Madden getting or got hitched? Why you looking at me, I don’t know either. Diaz and Madden have been dating since at least May.

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