Thursday, November 20, 2014

RAPE ACCUSATIONS COST BILL COSBY NEW TV SHOW: It's getting worse for BILL COSBY. His career is seriously unraveling amid rape accusations by multiple women.

Hot on the heels of Netflix's announcement yesterday that it will no longer air a standup special that was scheduled to premiere next Friday, NBC has decided not to move ahead with his new sitcom. And that's not the only fallout that has been confirmed -- TV Land says it is dumping reruns of "The Cosby Show".

Cosby has never faced criminal charges in connection with any of the allegations, and has refused to answer questions regarding them. The only comment on the subject was made by his rep who said on Monday that neither he nor Bill would comment on the, quote, "decade-old, discredited allegations."

IN DENIAL - RAVEN SYMONE: RAVEN-SYMONE, who played Olivia on the beloved sitcom "The Cosby Show," is denying Internet reports she was molested by Bill Cosby.

A parody website ran a fake story about Symone accusing Cosby of  sexually abusing her when she was on the show. Predictably, other sites started reporting it as true and Raven was not amused.

She issued the following statement: "I was NOT [taken] advantage of by Mr. Cosby when I was on the Cosby Show. I was practically a baby on that show and this is truly a disgusting rumor that I want no part of! Everyone on that show treated me with nothing but kindness. Now keep me out of this!"

In related news ... model JANICE DICKINSON didn't just come out of the woodwork this week to accuse Cosby. She talked about the incident in a 2006 interview, and even mentioned that she wasn't allowed to put it in her book because the publisher was "too afraid" to include anything involving him.

Janice told "Entertainment Tonight" that Cosby drugged and raped her in 1982 after flying her to Lake Tahoe, supposedly to discuss a role on "The Cosby Show".

A lawyer for Cosby says Dickinson's story conflicts with her prior statements and is an outrageous lie.

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