Thursday, April 16, 2015

DENNIS QUAID RANT WAS A PRANK ... OR WAS IT?: That epic DENNIS QUAID on-set meltdown video might have been a prank after all. The parody website Funny or Die has claimed responsibility for the viral vid, but not everyone's convinced the rant was really staged.

In the original video, Quaid is seen delivering a profanity-laced tirade on what appears to be a television or movie set. Among the expletivea uttered is the word "horse**t" which he uses to describe how "unprofessional" the set is. He also appears to call crew members zombies, among other colorful names.

Well, in the new video released Wednesday, Funny or Die offers a behind-the-scenes look at the meltdown. In the comedy bit, someone does stumble on set interrupting Quaid. And in the moment where the actor screams "This is horses**t," an actual horse has just relieved itself.

The camera also pans to zombies, to explain why Quaid yelled that remark, and later, the camera pans down to show a basket full of kittens, explaining a certain name Quaid appeared to call crew members in the original tirade video. At the end of the new clip, Quaid says, "Sorry. I get grumpy when my hair is flat."

But here's why many still think the original video is for real: The Funny Or Die video does NOT use that original clip. It just re-creates it. Some on the World Wide Web of Celebrity Meltdowns argue that Dennis really did get caught blowing a gasket, but then ran to Funny Or Die to make a parody video in order to soften his image.

SOFIA VERGARA'S EX-FIANCÉ SUES TO HAVE A BABY WITH HER FERTILIZED EGGS: SOFIA VERGARA'S ex-fiancé, Nick Loeb, has filed a lawsuit to prevent her from destroying the fertilized eggs they created when they were together, according to TMZ.

Back when it was all good between them, they took some of her eggs, fertilized them with his, um, let's call it "essence," and then had them frozen so they could have a baby at some point in the future. Well, since they're no longer together, Sofia wants to destroy those eggs. But Nick is trying to stop her, because he still wants a kid.

Nick also claims in his lawsuit that Sofia physically abused him four times during their relationship; punching him in the face twice, kicking him once and throwing her phone at his head. She was also verbally abusive.

A source close to Sofia denies the abuse, and says Nick only wants a baby so he can force her to pay child support. 

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