Thursday, May 28, 2015

LINDSAY LOHAN HAS COMPLETED HER COMMUNITY SERVICE OBLIGATIONS: It seemed like an impossible task, especially for LINDSAY LOHAN, but by golly she did it. In just two weeks, Lohan worked off the 115 hours of community service she was ordered to finish by today.

Her probation will officially be lifted at a hearing later today, marking the first time she hasn't been on probation for one crime or another in ... wait for it ... seven years!

She celebrated by posting TMZ's headline on Instagram, with the caption, "Hard work pays off. Thank you to all those that allowed me to volunteer while in NYC."

Of course, given Lindsay's past, there's a very real possibility that the judge will look at her paperwork and decide something's fishy, and she's still short. But for the moment, it seems like she legitimately paid her dues.

TABLOID TRASH - BEN AND JEN TO DIVORCE: Outwardly, BEN AFFLECK and JENNIFER GARNER have never given us any real reason to believe their marriage is in trouble, but for some reason the tabloids won't let it go.

The latest is "OK!" magazine, which claims they're already separated, and that Ben's been crashing at MATT DAMON's house. (Of course.)

Their 10th anniversary is on June 29th, and according to their source, they're going to announce plans to divorce before then. The hope, the tab claims, is that all the press dies down before he has to go out to promote "Batman v. Superman".

TABLOID TRASH - TAYLOR SWIFT STILL HAS HER V-CARD?!: After all these years, "OK!" magazine has finally uncovered the truth behind TAYLOR SWIFT's inability to keep a man: she doesn't put out.

A so-called "source" says Tay's just not ready so guys keep getting frustrated and moving on.

But things might be different with her current boyfriend, CALVIN HARRIS, because the source says she was up front with him about her "need to take things slowly," and he supposedly told her he was willing to wait.

Taylor and Calvin still haven’t officially confirmed their relationship, but they appear to be slowly taking things public. Tuesday they were spotted holding hands while leaving Taylor’s New York City apartment building. (PHOTO)

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