Tuesday, August 25, 2015

IN DENIAL - MEL GIBSON DENIES ATTACKING PHOTOG: MEL GIBSON is denying reports that he assaulted a female photographer while attending a film festival in Australia.

Kristi Miller, who works for Australia's "Daily Telegraph," claims she was taking pictures of Mel and his girlfriend and that when she turned around, he shoved her in the back, hard.

"I thought he was going to punch me in the face," she said in an interview with the Telegraph, adding, "He was spitting in my face as he was yelling at me, calling me a 'dog,' saying I'm not even a human being and I will go to hell."

Mel's rep says is B.S. though. "Mr. Gibson and his friend were being harassed by this photographer and he asked her repeatedly to stop, which she did not. There was never any physical contact whatsoever and the story being told by her is a complete fabrication of the truth."

It's worth noting that the rep didn't directly address the verbal remarks. In any event, the Australian police are looking into it.

DR. DRE APOLOGIZES TO WOMEN HE ASSAULTED: DR. DRE is apologizing to two women he physically abused when he was in his 20s, after they came forward last week.
Singer MICHEL'LE, who had a Top 10 hit in 1989 with "No More Lies," says Dre was abusive to her during the six years they dated back in the day -- to the point that he even broke her nose and ribs. Dre also unleashed a vicious attack on hip-hop journalist Dee Barnes at a nightclub in 1991 after she wrote something he didn't like.

In the apology, Dre noted he was "drinking too much and in over my head with no real structure in my life" back then, but added it was not an excuse for what he did. "I'm doing everything I can so I never resemble that man again," he concluded, "I deeply regret what I did and know that it has forever impacted all of our lives."

The women aren't necessarily buying it, though. Michel 'le, currently one of six members on the reality show "R&B Divas: Los Angeles," says she found Dre's apology insincere. "I didn't ask for a public apology, and I think if he is going to apologize, he should do it individually," she told BBC Radio. "To just group us like we are nothing and nobody — I just don't think it's sincere."

Barnes questioned the timing of the apology, what with Dre having a movie and new music out, but said that she hoped he meant it.

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