Tuesday, September 01, 2015

DID TAYLOR SWIFT FART ON CAMERA?!: TAYLOR SWIFT may have floated an air biscuit at the VMA's.

It happened when Swift brought her whole "Bad Blood" girl squad onto the red carpet on Sunday to introduce the video to her new song "Wildest Dreams".

Right about when she squatted in excitement while speaking, a noise that sounded like it could be a ... oh, how can I put this? A 'rear emission' can be heard clear as a bell. The timing of the fart-like noise and the look on Taylor’s face after it happens sure makes it seem like she was the culprit.

MTV later confirmed to Buzzfeed that the sound heard actually did air, but they blamed it on a production microphone not Taylor's butt. "There was absolutely no possibility of it being Taylor or anyone in her party’s microphones picking up ambient sounds,” insisted a network rep via statement.

It's okay if you did, Taylor. We all do it. (Celebrities; they're just like us!)

NICKI/MILEY VMA FEUD LEGIT: Many on the interwebs thought NICKI MINAJ's "VMA" attack on MILEY CYRUS was planned and that both of them were in on it. But according to Us Weekly, the feud is legit.

If you recall, when they first announced the MTV VMA nominations a few months ago, Nicki complained that she didn't get multiple nominations because she's not skinny and white. Last week Miley told the "New York Times" that Nicki was acing jealous, and described her as "not too kind."

Well, a source tells the tab, "Nicki was livid with Miley [saying that] and decided to air her feelings onstage." Those feelings included her calling Cyrus the b-word

And even though Miley handled things diplomatically onstage, another source tells E! News, "Miley was pissed. She stormed backstage cursing and yelling about it as she headed toward her dressing room."

Word is, for the rest of the night, MTV staffers had to make sure Nicki and Miley didn't cross paths backstage because they were afraid another confrontation could turn physical.

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