Wednesday, September 16, 2015

WHAT DOES TAYLOR SWIFT CALL HER BOYFRIEND IN PRIVATE?: Say you were dating a famous guy, but the name everyone knows him by isn't his birth name -- like The Weeknd, for example. What would you call him?

Turns out TAYLOR SWIFT has that actual dilemma ... and she's made her choice.

Taylor's boyfriend, superstar deejay and producer CALVIN HARRIS, was born Adam Richard Wiles, and a source close to the couple tells Us Weekly magazine that in private, she'll only call him "Adam, and never Calvin."

So the real question is, do we now call them "Taydam," or stick with "Talvin" and "Caylor?"

By the way ... we're sure you're quite familiar with all the famous guys who Taylor dated prior to Calvin, but what's his track record? Well, he used to date supermodel Anne V -- the same woman who ADAM LEVINE once dated seriously before hooking up with Behati Prinsloo -- and then moved on to singer Rita Ora, and model Aarika Wolf.

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