Thursday, November 12, 2015

DID GAVIN ROSSDALE CHEAT ON GWEN STEFANI WITH THE NANNY?!: Us Weekly is reporting GWEN STEFANI left GAVIN ROSSDALE because he cheated on her with their nanny.

Sources say Gavin's involvement with Mindy Mann dates back to 2012, including a time period when Gwen was pregnant with their youngest son. [PHOTO] [PHOTO] [PHOTO]

There were early signs of their attraction back then. Like the one time Gavin and Mindy took Kingston and Zuma hiking in November 2012, and Gavin was caught on camera with his hand on the small of Mindy's back. At the time, Gavin said he was trying “to keep her from falling,” according to US Weekly. [PHOTO]

The mag claims their fling was uncovered in February of this year after Gwen was shown explicit texts between Rossdale and Mann another nanny found on the family iPad, which was linked to Gavin’s phone. The tab's source says Gwen fired Mindy shortly after reading the exchanges.

She then confronted Gavin, who reportedly insisted the texts were nothing more than a “flirtation.” He finally admitted to the affair months later, and that's when Gwen made the decision to end their 13-year marriage.

MORE ON MANN: Mindy Mann was originally brought on to lend a hand raising Gwen and Gavin's boys on a part-time basis in 2008 on the recommendation of one of Gwen's close friends.

This Mindy chick was a big fan of Gwen even before going to work for her, and after earning Gwen's trust,she accompanied the family everywhere.

After some time, Mindy began to take after Gwen, with sources telling US that “if Gwen would eat something or do a workout or get a new handbag, Mindy would do the same thing.” [GWEN] [MINDY] [GWEN] [MINDY]

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