Thursday, December 17, 2015

TABLOID TRASH - MARIAH CAREY GOING THROUGH DOWNWARD SPIRAL!: In Touch magazine claims MARIAH CAREY is in a "dangerous spiral" of booze and pills -- a claim her rep denies.

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The tabs sources say she's drinking two bottles of wine at a time and mixing it with medication for "anxiety, depression, and migraines." Her condition is supposedly "deteriorating fast."

For what it's worth, last December the National Enquirer reported Mariah was on a "downward spiral," and that her friends were worried her "meltdown mode" would cause her to die early like Whitney Houston.

TABLOID TRASH - CAITLYN JENNER WANTS TO GO BACK TO BEING BRUCE: CAITLYN JENNER hasn't even enjoyed a year of womanhood yet and Star magazine says she want to go back to being "Bruce".

The tab's source claims Caitlyn is "disappointed" that "transitioning hasn't given her the life she thought it would." She supposedly told her kids she feels that as a woman she's "ugly" and that she "used to be so handsome and happy" when she was Bruce.

Star claims she's seriously thinking about going back under the knife to reverse all the stuff she's already had done.

Of course, there's also a VERY good chance that this story is bogus.

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