Tuesday, March 22, 2011

CHARLIE'S SHEEN-ANIGANS = WINNING: Could CHARLIE SHEEN be bringing his winning ways back to "Two and a Half Men"? Maybe so, because according to reports all over the World Wide Web of Misinformation, there's talk CBS is seriously thinking of offering Charlie his old job back.

Why would CBS want Charlie back? One source tells RadarOnline, quote, "They saw how popular his tour has become, how it has been selling out, and when word spread that he started talking to Fox about a late-night show, some decision-makers got a little antsy."

2.) Charlie also seems to be winning on the home front. The restraining order soon-to-be-ex BROOKE MUELLER obtained against him back on March 1, which temporarily stripped Charlie of custody of their twin boys, expires today and People reports she won't be asking the judge for an extension.

WHO'S THE CELEBRITY CUTIE PATOOTIE???: This TV personality was recently referred to by a judge as "a Lindsay Lohan wannabe" ...

Scroll down to the "bottom" for the answer ...

IS LADY GAGA THISCLOSE TO GOING BALD???!!!: LADY GAGA has spent so many years dying her hair from brunette to peroxide blonde, she’s losing her hair!!! GaGa also reveals to People magazine another cause from her extreme hairdos: she's developed a receding hairline!!!

CHRISTINA AGUILERA is said to have this problem too, which is why you see her wearing wigs and weaves so often. Experts say it happens when you wear your hair up, braided, or pulled into a TIGHT pony-tail too often. It results in a condition known as “traction alopecia”, which is what happens when your hair literally gets tugged out of the follicle, and doesn’t grow back.

ROMANCE REPORT: SCARLETT JOHANSSON and SEAN PENN won't admit it, but I think we can start referring to them as a couple. The two were caught over the weekend again sharing a meal in public. One restaurant source said they "sat very closely and exchanged flirty looks." Oh, yeah. They are sooo doing it!

2.) HOLLY MADISON'S 10 month online love story is over. The reality star and some musician dude she met on Twitter have broken up.

"I can confirm Holly and Jack are no longer dating," Holly's rep tells E!. "Their decision to split was both mutual and amicable."

"DANCING" BEST AND WORST: "The Karate Kid" dominated on last night's premiere of "Dancing With the Stars." RALPH MACCHIO'S elegant fox trot earned a 24 from the judges, the highest score of the night.

Radio personality "Psycho" Mike Catherwood, on the other hand,  brought up the rear with a weak performance that got him a 13. Watch video of Season 12's premiere episode HERE.

WHO'S THE CELEBRITY CUTIE PATOOTIE???: So who's the "Lindsay Lohan wannabe"??? ...
Did you guess "Jersey Shore's" SNOOKIE??? ...

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