Wednesday, December 11, 2013

JULIA ROBERTS - BABY BUMP, YES OR NO?: Is it the middle age spread or a baby bump? That’s the question the World Wide Web of Celebrity Speculation is asking after JULIA ROBERTS was spotted out in Los Angeles looking a bit poofier in the middle.

Julia herself hasn't addressed the gossip, but a rep for the 46-year-old told Omg! Insider Julia is not, I repeat, not pregnant. That's all good and fine, but celebrity reps have been known to lie so around here We Report , You Decide!

HERE'S the pic that has people guessing, and HERE'S a photo of her taken in early November. What do you think, fetused or just fluffy?

On a related pregnancy note ... GWEN STEFANI, who is also rumored to be in a family way, looked every bit the expectant mother while out with Zuma yesterday. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

Although she has yet to comment on the pregnancy reports, she kind-of-sort-of confirmed the news in October when she posed for a photo cradling her tummy.

COULD BE TRUE, COULD BE CRAP - BIEBER CALLS FAN 'BEACHED WHALE': Did JUSTIN BIEBER call a girl a "beached whale" at a hotel pool in Australia?

According to Britain's Daily Mail, The Bieb was pool side at a hotel in Perth, and rolled up on four girls in bikinis sunbathing. The tab reports that he looked over at one of them and asked her, "What are you, Hawaiian or something?"

The girl, who the Daily Mail's source estimated to be a size 14, answered, "No, I'm not." Justin then reportedly replied, "You look like a beached whale," before adding, "You should go on 'The Biggest Loser'"

Of course, this is all hearsay, but  he is a bit of a douche so it's totally plausible.

KELLY CLARKSON SHOWS US HER (CHRISTMAS) PICS: KELLY CLARKSON Tweeted out a picture of the goofy Christmas card she and hubby Brando are mailing out friends and family.

 The photo, captioned "Merry Christmas from the Blackstocks!", features Kelly, her husband and his two children from his first marriage, and their two dogs in front of the fireplace wrapped in a large red ribbon and Christmas lights, staring at Santa with an odd expression on their faces.

LOHAN LUNACY - LINDSAY NOT BEING INVESTIGATED IN BEAT DOWN: Miami police say LINDSAY LOHAN is not being investigated in the beating of PARIS HILTON'S brother Barron over the weekend. According to a police spokesman, "Lindsay Lohan's name was never mentioned. If she had orchestrated it, we would have been told. And we didn't receive that information on the scene."

Meanwhile ... the guy who allegedly rearranged PARIS HILTON'S little brother's face is telling his side of the story. In a blog post, Ray LeMoine calls Barron Hilton “Conrad Hilton’s spoiled sperm experiment,” and explains, “In the morning I woke up to discover that a bunch of people had been up all night doing Molly. My friend’s name was on the lease of this mansion, and we didn’t want anyone to trash it, so we started kicking people out.”

He says when he asked Barron to leave, the young Hilton went "bonkers" and said, “Do you know who my sisters are?... Barron got in my face and wouldn’t shut up about his stupid family. Eventually things got so heated that he pushed me. And that’s when the alleged assault, which of course I deny, took place... It’s funny...police are hunting me for allegedly punching some dude who stepped to me and wouldn’t leave my rental.”

RELATIONSHIP REPORT - DOES COURTENEY COX HAVE A NEW BOYFRIEND?: Is COURTENEY COX dating Johnny McDaid from the band Snow Patrol? That's the word on the street after McDaid escorted Courteney to JENNIFER ANISTON'S holiday party over the weekend. (PHOTO)

Sources told Life & Style, “Courteney definitely looked like she was on a date,” adding, “They were holding hands during the party.” Johnny is 12 years younger than the 49-year-old Cox.

BABY POOP - IT'S A BOY FOR KATE WINSLET: KATE WINSLET has given birth to a little rocknroller. The nine-pound baby boy is her first with husband Ned Rocknroll -- she has two other children from previous marriages.

Rocknroll was born Ned Abel Smith, and it's not yet known whose name the baby will take, but Kate's spokeswoman has been referring to the newborn as "Baby Boy Winslet," so for now it appears he'll be taking his mother's last name.

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