Friday, February 28, 2014

ROMANCE REPORT - ASHTON AND MILA ENGAGED: Us Weekly reports that ASHTON KUTCHER and MILA KUNIS are engaged. While there's been no official word from either of their reps, Kunis was photographed sporting a ring on that finger while out shopping with her mom yesterday.  (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

IN DENIAL - ROBIN THICKE SHOOTS DOWN REPORT THAT MILEY WAS REASON FOR SPLIT: TMZ recently reported that MILEY CYRUS twerking all up on ROBIN THICKE at the VMA's is the reason why his wife Paula Patton made the decision to bail on their marriage.

According to the site's sources, Paula felt "utterly disrespected" by the duo's raunchy performance. Word is even though Robin didn't know Miley was going to grind up on him, Patton was pissed that he played along

But Thicke denies the gossip site's report, telling a photographer who rolled up on him at the Washington, DC airport Cyrus was not the beginning of the end of his marriage. No? Maybe this was, then.

Meanwhile ... If Paula is worried about the demise of her marriage, she should notify her face. Photos of Patton making her way through LAX made it look like all is well in her world. The only clue of trouble in paradise was the notable absence of a wedding ring.

Robin, by the way, is still wearing his. (PHOTO)

KATY PERRY BENDS TO ISLAMIC PRESSURE AND REMOVES CONTROVERSIAL SYMBOL IN 'DARK HORSE' VIDEO: KATY PERRY has released a newly edited, presumably non-blasphemous, version of the 'Dark Horse' video after getting some push-back from the Muslim community.

The U.K. resident who started the petition to have the video removed from Youtube was offended by the image of a man wearing a pendant with the word Allah (God)in Arabic being burned. Over 65,000 people endorsed the petition. In the retouched clip, the pendant has been digitally removed.

GUESS WHO?: Any idea who this little cutie went on to become? Hint: she’s the host of a reality TV cooking competition show.

KIM LEAVES VIENNA BALL: KIM KARDASHIAN may have been paid $500,000 to attend the Vienna Annual Opera Ball with Austrian businessman Richard Lugner, but she did not have a good time. (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

According to TMZ, Kim was furious after a white man dressed in black face approached her pretending to be KANYE WEST. Later, another man asked her to dance and she refused, he responded by asking if she would dance if the orchestra played “N****rs in Vienna.”

And those weren’t Kim’s only issues. She told her team that Lugner was aggressive and tried to lose her security so he could be alone with her. Kim finally left the event, but sources say the entire thing was filmed for her E! show.

Lugner was unhappy as well, telling an interviewer, “Kim is annoying me.”

WE REPORT, YOU DECIDE - RIHANNA + MUSTACHE = PRINCE?: If you add a mustache to RIHANNA doe it make her look like PRINCE? We Report, You Decide! (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

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