Thursday, February 27, 2014

TODAY IN JUSTIN BIEBER NEWS - POLICE STATION TAPES RELEASED: Ten hours of police station footage taken after JUSTIN BIEBER was arrested for DUI back in January has been released.

The clips, none of which have sound, show the Biebz being patted down and walked through the jail and doing sobriety tests, but the juicier clips were withheld on request from his lawyer. [For example, the footage doesn't show the four segments of Bieber peeing into a cup for a drug test.]

TMZ posted a clip of Justin taking one of the sobriety tests. In it, Bieber stumbles a little while trying to walk a straight line.

On a related note ... Add JUDGE JUDY to the list of people taking shots at him.  In an interview with an L.A. news station, the TV Judge called Justin a "marginal singer" who is "doing a very good job of making a fool out of himself." (LISTEN)

UPDATE - WHY KATY DUMPED JOHN MAYER: As we told you yesterday, E! News broke the news that the KATY PERRY/JOHN MAYER on-again-off-again romance is supposedly off again. And now they claim to know what caused the surprising breakup.

A source tells them her upcoming world tour was the main issue. Perry is booked solid from May until November after recently adding another leg of her tour, and the insider claims she was definitely putting her work first.

Not helping matters was the fact that John is also scheduled for a worldwide tour from April to June.

CELEBRITY COURT - MARC ANTHONY'S EX WANTS MORE CHILD SUPPORT: MARC ANTHONY’S ex thinks he’s holding out on her and is asking a judge to break her off a piece.

According to MSN, Dayanara Torres filed court papers to get her child support payments bumped up from $13-thousand dollars to $112-thousand a month. The former Miss Universe claims he can afford it since he makes a little over a million dollars a month.

Torres claims that since she’s been living off the money they settled for in 2004, she and Marc’s sons have been forced to move into an apartment because she could no longer afford to keep her house. She states that unlike Marc’s twins with JENNIFER LOPEZ, their boys don’t live in luxury. Marc has hit back, saying Dayanara is to blame for her own financial issues because she mismanaged the money he gave her.

The paperwork filed in November reveals he pays Torres over $28-thousand dollars a month for spousal and child support. Meanwhile, he pays J-Lo $18-thousand a month for their twins. Well, obviously the reason J-Lo's kids can live in luxury has nothing to do with what Marc gives her. She makes her own money.


The 52 year-old actor showed up at a White House screening of his latest movie with a slightly different kind of female companion than we're used to seeing him with. This one is a 36-year-old Oxford educated British attorney. Her name is Amal Almuddin and word is she speaks three languages.  (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

CELEBRITIES WITHOUT MAKEUP: JESSICA SIMPSON posing with daughter Maxwell is both adorable, and a testament to how good Jess looks makeup-free, no?

WATCH - BEYONCE SERENADE FAN: How about this for a memorable birthday; BEYONCE stops her concert to sing Happy Birthday to you.

That's what happened to Shehnaz Khan in Birmingham, England the other night. Khan was celebrating her 22nd birthday at the LG Arena when Bey stopped the show, asked her name and held her hand before she began to serenaded her.

The birthday girl was even more surprised to find she had recorded the impromptu moment. She told London's Telegraph, "I was leaning over the barrier holding her hand and not realizing the camera in my other hand was recording." Okay, well that explains the up-close crotch shot. Hey, Bey, the camel called. He wants his toe back!

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