Monday, February 24, 2014

WATCH KATY GET TONGUED BY MILEY: MILEY CYRUS kissed a girl at her L.A. concert on Saturday and "really liked it a lot," but I'm not so sure the girl did. The girl in question was KATY PERRY, who seemed a bit uncomfortable with the girl-on-girl smooch.

Fan footage posted on YouTube and Instagram shows Katy standing in the audience during Miley's performance of "Adore You." Miley then comes down from the stage and goes for the gold. Katy’s reaction? She appears to be taken by surprise and backs away quickly. And I don't blame her, either, because it looked like Miley was trying to bury her tongue deep inside Katy's mouth!

Meanwhile ... Cyrus’ mouth also touched a couple of other things: another pair of panties tossed onstage and a fans’ beer which she chugged. After lapping up the lingerie, Cyrus tweeted: “I goooooottttttttta stop putting random ass panties in my mouth BUT you know what they say #cantstopwontstop.”

WATCH KATY GET BOOED: Perry had quite the eventful last few days. She not only had to fight of Miley's tongue, she had to contend with ticked off paparazzi. Reportedly the photogs were pissed at Katy for being almost an hour late to a fashion show in Milan, Italy, and booed her after she told them, "You're all going to get your picture, so shut the [eff] up."

Twenty four hours later, Perry arrived at LAX and was booed again when she wouldn't talk to the horde of camera guys about being booed in Milan. And this time her assistant got violent with one of them, who was trying to hold the car door open to get more pictures.

TAYLOR SWIFT SHOWS US HER PICS: TAYLOR SWIFT and her new bestie LORDE spent the weekend together. Saturday they hit the beach, and Sunday they enjoyed a girly day of shopping together. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

THE BIEBZ TO REJECT PLEA DEAL?: According to TMZ, JUSTIN BIEBER is not down with the plea deal that’s offered to him by prosecutors in his Miami DUI case and has told his lawyers to reject it. Word is the Biebz has been offered a deal given to many first-time offenders, consisting of community service, alcohol education and random drug testing.

But the site says Justin doesn't like the conditions of the deal -- most especially the drug testing part --  and won't be taking them up on their offer.  Besides, Justin's lawyers are confident with their case in light of information they have about alleged misconduct of the arresting officer.

BROOKE BURKE OUT ON 'DANCING WITH THE STARS' - IS ERIN ANDREWS IN?: "Dancing With the Stars" made a big change over the weekend. Co-host BROOKE BURKE-CHARVET announced on Friday that she had been let go, and by Sunday rumors claimed her replacement will be ESPN’s ERIN ANDREWS.

Reps for DWTS have yet to confirm Erin is the new co-host, but word is an official announcement will be made by the end of today.  Andrews is no stranger to the show having competed in season ten. Season 18 premieres March 17th.

GUESS WHO: Any idea who this 9 year-old grew up to be? Hint: despite the mullet, she's not a boy!

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