Thursday, March 27, 2014

THE GWYNETH PALTROW/CHRIS MARTIN SPLIT: Not everyone was shocked by the GWYNETH PALTROW/CHRIS MARTIN "uncoupling". A source close to the pair told the New York Daily News they hadn’t really been a couple for "a number of years." According to the insider, "[They've] been pretending for the sake of the kids and each other’s careers.”

Last year, Gwyneth was photographed kissing her old ex-boyfriend, actor Donovan Leitch. People assumed it was innocent at the time. Now people are wondering.

WERE THESE PHOTOS THE FINAL STRAW?: Now that Paltrow and Martin have made their split public, people are pointing to signs that in retrospect show they wouldn’t be together forever. The most damning of all are photos of Gywnnie kissing her ex about six months ago.

Paltrow and DONOVAN LEITCH, whom she dated in the early 1990s prior to her high-profile relationship with BRAD PITT, were photographed hanging out at Dodger game in Los Angeles late last year.

The shots shows her leaning in for a kiss while at the ballpark with her kids. (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

IN DENIAL: A rep for Paltrow denies there was anything romantic going on, calling the tabloid reports "completely absurd." Her peep tells the Hollywood  Life gossip site, "Donovan has been a close friend of Gwyneth’s for over 20 years. The photo you see is them kissing hello when Donovan arrived at the game. Do you think if she was having an affair with [him] she would bring him to a Dodgers game with her children? It’s all just...nonsense.”

KATY'S ALREADY DATING: After splitting up with JOHN MAYER last month, KATY PERRY is apparently ready to move on. In fact, Perry’s already been on a date and even posted a photo of their outing.
TMZ caught up with the rapper in Miami. He said he and Perry were at Skrillex's party, had some sushi, went bowling and got some drinks. "An average date," he called it. When asked about the prospects of a second date, Riff Raff said Katy is in Belgium right now but they might get together next week for "round two."

KRIS JENNER BEING BLACKMAILED OVER PHONY SEX TAPE: KRIS JENNER has turned to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department for help dealing with an alleged blackmailer.

According to TMZ, some guy has been harassing Kris with phone calls, voice mails, and texts for weeks, claiming he has a sex tape which he says he's going to sell to the highest bidder. The man maintains that if Jenner doesn't cough up the cash, TMZ will.

TMZ denies that assertion. Kris insists no such tape exists.

On a related Kris Jenner note … Sources say the Kardashian momager has been in talks to pose nude in Playboy. Word is Kris feels she is in the best shape of her life and is ready and willing. Playboy will neither confirm nor deny the reports.

She posted the above bikini-clad pic on Instagram a few months ago. Not too shabby for a chick clockin’ 58 years old, dontchathink?

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