Friday, April 11, 2014

DEMI LOVATO SHOWS US HER TWEETS: Man, DEMI LOVATO is one protective girlfriend! The Daily Beast posted an article that slammed WILMER VALDERRAMA, calling his career "modest" and claiming Lovato is helping his career by keeping him relevant.

Demi did not appreciate any of that, Tweeting ...

SELENA GOMEZ TO MOM, 'YOU'RE FIRED': SELENA GOMEZ "fired" her mother and stepfather, but it's nothing personal. Selena supposedly felt like she's outgrown them and wanted to have a "seasoned, professional manager."

THIGH GAP-GATE: BEYONCÉ is being accused of Photoshopping a gap between her thighs in a picture she recently posted on Instagram.

At first glance, it’s unnoticeable but many on the World Wide Web of Celebrity Shading say if you look closely at her right leg you’ll notice the lines don’t look as straight as they do on her left leg.

PERRI WINS RESTRAINING ORDER AGAISNT OBSESSED FAN: The seeming tsunami of pop stars having to obtain restraining orders against obsessed fans continued this week after “Human” singer CHRISTINA PERRI was granted a restraining order against fan Scott Brannan, claiming the guy had made disturbing sexual comments online.

TMZ reports Perri feared Brannan was plotting to commit “unwanted sexual acts” against her after posting “I just want to love you, that’s all, physically most of all” on her YouTube page. The creeper has been ordered to steer clear of Perri until a hearing later this month.

ROMANCE REPORT - HILARY DUFF NOT HEADING TO DIVORCE COURT?: If Radar Online is to be believed, HILARY DUFF and hubby Mike Comrie are not splitting up.

If you'll recall, the couple made a statement back in January they were amicably parting ways, but an insider tells the gossip site that the couple went to the Bahamas in mid-February to hash out the logistics of their separation, and ended up doing more than just talking.

"They’ve been meeting for hookups ever since," the insider revealed. "And Hilary’s softened and the two are moving forward to see if they can work it out."

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