Tuesday, April 08, 2014

IS KIRSTIE ALLEY'S NEW AD INSENSITIVE TO BBW'S?!: KIRSTIE ALLEY is back with  has a new ad out where she announces her return to Jenny Craig by pretending to call the company.

"Jenny, I want to come home," she says. Adding, "No, no no, I'm not, like, CIRCUS FAT, I just want to lose 20 pounds." Well, the "circus fat" line rubbed some on the Twitterverse the wrong way because they think Kirstie is mocking chubbies.

No one from Jenny Craig has commented on the harrumphing, but Kirstie has, admitting on the Today show yesterday that the term "circus fat" is controversial.

"I know [it] isn't politically correct, but I grew up when there were actually fat ladies in the circus," an unapologetic Alley explained to Matt Lauer. “Now so many of us are fat that you can’t tell us apart. When there were actually fat ladies in the circus … they would parade the fat lady out, so I call it ‘circus fat.’”

KATY PERRY SHOWS US HER PICS: KATY PERRY put some green crap in her hair. She captioned the photo, "SLIME GREEN FOR SPRING" ...

GAGA GRINDS ON BOYFRIEND: Page Six is reporting that after a show this past weekend, LADY GAGA  got down and dirty for her boyfriend TAYLOR KINNEY at a New York City club.

She and Kinney arrived separately, but met up in the VIP area where Gaga "assumed a stripper persona and put on a show for him.” According to an eyewitness, “she was doing a serious lapdance and they started making out.”

The dance supposedly got so x-rated, her people pulled a curtain around the couple and their crew. Of course, there are pictures!  (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

SNAPSHOTS: (1.) KIM KARDASHIAN let it all hang out during a recent photo shoot. And I'm sure you know what I mean by "it all". (PHOTO)

(2.) BRITNEY SPEARS wore a mini-dress to watch her sons play soccer. How 'mini'? Let's just say it's a good thing she's wearing panties these days. (PHOTO)

CELEBRITIES WITHOUT MAKEUP: ZOE SALDANA looks pretty good without makeup, would you say?

IS MILEY SICK SICK OR HEARTSICK?: MILEY CYRUS canceled last night's concert in Charlotte, North Carolina -- reportedly because she'd fallen ill, but was it physical illness or is she still mourning the death of her beloved pooch, Floyd?

Sources tell E! News Cyrus was having "throat and sinus" issues that prevented her from taking the stage last night but many on the World Wide Web of Celebrity Speculation think she's more heartsick than sick sick.

It probably doesn't help that Miley has taken to tearfully serenading a giant inflatable version of Floyd during her most recent shows. "That was the hardest song of the night to do," she recently told the New York audience about singing "Can't Be Tamed" to the inflatable, which is at least 30 feet tall. "Sometimes I just can't stop from breaking down crying."

Her mom, Trish, decided the best way for her daughter to grieve the loss was with another furry friend ... but "Moonie" hasn't made things any easier for Miley yet ...

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