Thursday, June 19, 2014

MILEY'S SWEET MESSAGE TO DYING FAN: It's nice to know that in between getting high and shoving her crotch in our faces, MILEY CYRUS still takes the time to do something good for others.

In this case, a video message to a fan named Caley dying of cystic fibrosis. Sadly, Caley passed away last Friday, but not before she watched a video message Miley sent her

"I know we met a few years ago but I want to let you know that I'm still praying for you, I'm still thinking about you," Miley says. "I'm sending you some love, and I just want you to know that you on are on my mind and in my heart and I just wanted to send you a quick message to say hello to you."

Caley's mom says Caley watched it just an hour before she died. She adds, quote, "Caley managed to let out a smile."

POLICE CALLED TO SELENA GOMEZ'S HOUSE: The PoPo dropped in on SELENA GOMEZ after a noise complaint was called in on Tuesday night. While E! Online says it wasn't that big a deal -- a "non-event" they called it -- TMZ claims one neighbor told them the noise was soooo loud her windows were shaking.

Whichever version you want to go with, the end result was the same; police asked them to keep it down, they did, and all was well.

Meanwhile, TMZ claims this current string of late nights is out of character for Gomez, and those close to her are blaming on-again boyfriend JUSTIN BIEBER.

For the record, the "noise" turned out to be Selena and a few friends having an impromptu jam session. Here's the pic she posted. It was captioned, "Tacos, live music and candles...such a beautiful night with beautiful people." There's no word if The Biebz was there.

UPDATE - SANDRA BULLOCK STALKER OWNED 'ARSENAL': It's looking like the guy who broke into SANDRA BULLOCK'S house the other week while she was inside is a pretty dangerous guy.

Word is when the police searched his home after his arrest, they found a, "arsenal of weapons" that included seven machine guns. [To be clear, the guy wasn't armed at the time of the break-in.]

Insiders in the department told TMZ  he didn't break in to burglarize, he was obsessed with Sandra and wanted to see her.

In light of the recent discovery, the D.A. has now charged him with 19 felonies, including seven counts of possession of a machine gun, two counts of possession of an assault weapon and 10 counts of possession of a destructive device. In addition, his bond was increased to $2.2 million.

He could be looking at up to 12 years in prison if convicted of all charges.

ROMANCE REPORT: Looks like it really is happening between UMA THURMAN and QUENTIN TARANTINO. The two went on a dinner date Tuesday night and were spotted kissing afterwards. (PHOTO)

COVER SHOT: "Biggest Loser" trainer JILLIAN MICHAELS is on the cover of the new Shape magazine.

But it's the nude photos inside the mag that has everyone talking. Dang! Girl be ripped! ...

THREE PEOPLE WERE ARRESTED FOR THROWING BEER BOTTLES AT TAYLOR SWIFT'S RHODE ISLAND MANSION: Two men and a woman were arrested near TAYLOR SWIFT'S Rhode Island mansion on Sunday and charged with disorderly conduct after they threw beer bottles, yelled profanities, and flipped off the security guard.

TMZ spoke to one the suspects who said they "harbored no ill will" toward Taylor. They were just drinking some beer and things got out of hand.

Swift, who wasn't at the house when this went down, has owned it for a little over a year. In that time she’s already had to deal with a misguided fan who admitted to police he swam up to the shore of the mansion hoping to meet her, and a local reporter writing an inaccurate article saying she did not get permits to alter the beach in front of the mansion, which turned into an ugly PR moment for her.

Boy, if I were Tay, I'd unload it before something really bad happens.

KARDASHIAN (K)NEWS - ARE KOURTNEY AND SCOTT FIGHTING FOR REAL?!: Is there trouble in paradise for KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN and SCOTT DISICK? Depends on whom you ask.

Sources tell Us Weekly the two are fighting over his hard-partying ways. He's still supposedly mourning the recent deaths of both of his parents, and he’s kicking it hard. Things have gotten so bad the tab claims she kicked him out of her family’s rental home in the Hamptons last Monday.

On the flipside, Hollywood Life says the drama is all staged for “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”  At this point, KHLOE'S relationship with French Montana is too new, and KIM and KANYE just got married. That leaves Kourtney and Scott to do the dirty deeds.

In fact, the parents-to-be were just spotted just as happy as could be having dinner at the Southampton Social Club on Saturday. As for the partying, Kourtney’s said to be cool with it.

Meanwhile ... Today is Christmas Day for me and fellow fans of half-naked KIM KARDASHIAN photos, because pics of Kim coming out of a pool in a white T-shirt just hit the 'net. Headlights, honk, honk! (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

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