Thursday, June 26, 2014

ROMANCE REPORT - IS ANTONIO BANDERAS DATING SHARON STONE?!: ANTONIO BANDERAS and MELANIE GRIFFITH split earlier this month after 18 years of marriage, with Melanie allegedly citing irreconcilable differences.

And now word is the irreconcilable difference is SHARON STONE. The British magazine Grazia reports Stone and Banderas, who "have been great friends for years," are "quietly dating."

A source tells them that "it's all very relaxed at the moment" because "they want to keep it quiet out of respect for Melanie, but there's no denying the spark," adding that for the time being, they're "just enjoying having fun." (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

ADAM LEVINE NOT SURE IF HE'S A D-BAG: Sometimes ADAM LEVINE comes off as a d-bag, and he's aware of that. But he doesn't believe that's an accurate assessment.

In an interview with GQ, Adam says "[it's] really easy to assume that. But that doesn't mean that I am." He goes on to say that he doesn’t think he's one because he doesn’t fit the criteria of being one — which, if you ask him, are: lack of self-awareness, arrogance and insecurity. In the end, Levine decides he's "cocky" but not a douchebag.

TODAY IN CELEBRITY SELFIES: KIM KARDASHIAN had us thinking she'd gone blonde again. But it turns out she was punking us. It's just a wig ...

MADONNA is flaunting her cleavage on Instagram again ...

KATY PERRY hit up social media and posted this selfie of herself with Vice President JOE BIDEN...

ITALIANS MAKE IT ILLEGAL TO WATCH GEORGE CLOONEY'S HOUSE: Most people have to hire security and pray for the best when they have big events at home. Not GEORGE CLOONEY.

He’s got it so good in Lake Como, Italy, he was able to get laws written to keep fans and paparazzi away from his house in anticipation of his wedding to Amal Alamuddin.

Us Weekly reports that officials approved two new protection laws that took effect this past Saturday which now make it a finable offense to stop on both the road outside of George’s house, or the water directly in front of his villa.

Violators will have to pay up to 5-hundred euros – the equivalent of $680 dollars. The round-the-clock restrictions will remain in place until Tuesday, September 30th. I ain't gonna lie – if I had that kinda pull, I’d get some laws made for myself, too!

IN DENIAL - CHANNING TATUM/BRITNEY SPEARS DISMISS BREAKUP RUMORS: Two celebrity couples are separatley denying speculation that they're heading towards Splitsville.

CHANNING TATUM and JENNA DEWAN are denying a Star magazine story alleging the pair is breaking up. The tab's cover reads, "Channing & Jenna: $50 Million Divorce Shocker!" adding that "Channing constantly hits on women" and "removes his wedding ring."

The couple's reps tells Us Weekly the report "couldn't be further from the truth," calling it "another example of Star magazine using outright lies to sell their weekly covers and trying to pass it off as journalism."

2. X17 reports BRITNEY SPEARS and her boyfriend "split a while ago" and that Brit's been focusing on her boys.

But a source tells London's MailOnline that the pair is very much still together. "It's not true, he's just away at the moment, [but] they're still a couple."

CELEBRITY COURT - CHRIS BROWN REJECTS PLEA DEAL: CHRIS BROWN rejected a plea deal in his Washington, DC assault case, which means he’s going to trial. According to TMZ, the reason a deal couldn’t be reached was that Chris’ lawyer and the prosecutor couldn’t agree on a statement of fact about the events leading up to the assault. Breezy maintains he didn’t attack the guy.

If he pleads guilty to assault, he won’t have to serve any more jail time, but now that he’s snubbed a deal, he going to trial and that might mean more time in the big house. The trial date has been set for September.

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