Tuesday, July 08, 2014

ROMANCE REPORT - SOFIA VERGARA REPORTEDLY DATING 'MAGIC MIKE' STAR: JOE MANGANIELLO  was just named People magazine's Hottest Bachelor last week and he's reportedly already off the market.

Word is he's dating my and his celebrity crush, SOFIA VERGARA.

They met for the first time at the White House Correspondents Dinner back in May but Sofia was engaged to that Nick Loeb guy at the time so nothing came of it. "I don't go after other people's women," Manganiello told the mag. "If she was single, I would be like, poof!"

Well fast forward a couple of months, Sofia and Nick are dunzo ... and guess who was right there waiting to poof all over her?

Reps for both actors have so far declined to comment, but if the news is true, Manganiello is living the dream. My dream. That bastard. Oh, is this thing on?

DOES GEORGE CLOONEY'S FUTURE MOTHER IN LAW THINK HER DAUGHTER COULD DO BETTER?: So your daughter becomes the woman who finally locks down GEORGE CLOONEY. You've hit the jackpot, right? Maybe not.

 In fact, a family friend told London's Daily Mail that Amal Alamuddin's mother thinks her daughter could do much better and would much rather she marry within their religious sect.

Still, Amal's mother recently visited Clooney's estate in Lake Como, Italy, where the wedding is supposed to take place in September, and by all accounts it was a great visit. Only time will tell for sure, but word is she was smiling when she left, so we’ll see.

Amal's parents, by the way, are members of the Druze sect, an offshoot of Islam. Those in the know say that if a Druze marry outsiders, they’ll be excommunicated and subject to social boycott -- or worse. In fact, several women have been murdered for disobeying the rules.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, last year a Sunni Muslim man had his junk severed by the male relatives of a Druze woman who defied her family by marrying him. Be afraid, George, be very afraid.

MADONNA TOO GOOD FOR JURY DUTY: MADONNA showed up for jury duty at a New York City courthouse yesterday but was dismissed after a couple of hours.

A court official explained they already had more than enough potential jurors, and Madonna's presence was a potential distraction to the jury selection process so they cut her loose.

While there Madge didn't have to hang around in the waiting room with the rest of the potential jurors. They let her wait in a clerk's office. Naturally, other potential juror were a bit perturbed at the special treatment she received.

Whether she got special treatment or not, at least she showed up, as was her civic duty. You have to give her props for that, no?

TODAY IN JUSTIN BIEBER NEWS: Ladies and gentlemen, you're about to hear the first positive story about JUSTIN BIEBER in a long time.

It's entirely possible that The Biebz singlehandedly saved millions of kids from getting cancer in the future. Let me explain. Dermatologists at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore recently found they were seeing fewer teenagers with early signs of sun damage like freckles on their foreheads. And they think it's because Bieber made it cool for kids to start wearing their BANGS over their foreheads again, so their hair protects them from the sun. That can reduce their chances of getting skin cancer in the future.

Meanwhile … Justin attended the wedding of his manager Scooter Braun and his fianc√©e Yael Cohen on Sunday and wound up treating the crowd to a rendition of “All You Need Is Love,” right after the happy couple was declared man and wife.

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