Thursday, July 03, 2014

SPLITSVILLE - POPULATION JEWEL: JEWEL and her cowboy husband TY MURRAY are getting divorced. Thankfully, Jewel didn't pull a GWYNETH PALTROW and refer to it as a "conscious uncoupling."

No, she did Gwyneth one better -- she described the split as "A THOUGHTFUL AND TENDER UNDOING OF OURSELVES" !!!

“Ty and I have always tried to live the most authentic life possible, and we wanted our separation as husband and wife to be nothing less loving than the way we came together,” Jewel wrote on her blog. “For some time we have been engaged in a private and difficult, but thoughtful and tender undoing of ourselves. Allowing ourselves the time and space to redefine what we are to each other with love rather than malice.”

Jewel and Ty got were together for 16 years and married for nearly six. They have a 3-year-old son named Kase.

Speaking of the Paltrow "uncoupling" ... Now that CHRIS MARTIN is a free man and is no longer with the very food conscious Paltrow, he can eat what he wants. And what he wants is meat!

In an interview with the BBC yesterday, the Coldplay frontman says he's undergone some lifestyle changes lately, including being a carnivore again.

ROBIN THICKE ON HIS MUSICAL BEGGING: ROBIN THICKE went on "Good Morning America" to dedicate yet another song to his estranged wife, Paula Patton, and he was asked about this desperate campaign he's been on to win her back.

Thicke flat-out admitted he doesn't even know what he's trying to accomplish. He said he's just flying by the seat of his pants, and trying to create something artistic from a difficult time in his life.

Meanwhile, in a radio interview on Tuesday, Robin acknowledged he hasn't seen Paula in four months, adding he wrote the album because there were some things he had never apologized or taken responsibility for.

On a related note ... All the begging in the world isn’t helping him win back wife, and apparently dedicating an album to her isn’t going to get him on top of the charts either.

According to Showbiz 411, “Paula,” which came out Tuesday, is already a flop, debuting at number eight on iTunes and number 76 on

DEMI LOVATO UNFOLLOWS SELENA GOMEZ: It appears that DEMI LOVATO and SELENA GOMEZ are no longer BFFs. Demi UNFOLLOWED Selena on Twitter yesterday

Then she posted a meme consisting of three pictures, where she's swimming. In each one, she's further away, and the caption read, "Swimming away from your bull[crap]. Bye [B-word]." She's since deleted that post, but nothing ever truly goes away on the internet.

KENDRA FINDS DAMNING EVIDENCE - KICKS HUSBAND OUT: Remember when we told you word on the street was HANK BASKETT had cheated on KENDRA WILKERSON with a transgender model? (PHOTO)

Well, Us Weekly says it’s not gossip. They claim Kendra initially laughed off reports of her former NFL husband having a tryst with Ava Sabrina London. But when Hank didn’t rush to clear his name, she started snooping...and soon discovered an unexplained – and damning – charge on his credit card. Doh!

A source said Kendra punched walls in their Calabasas, California home, threw their wedding photos in the pool, and pulled off her wedding ring and flushed it down the toilet. That might explain why she was spotted out in Hollywood the last couple of days without it. Coincidence? We Report, You Decide! (PHOTO)

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