Wednesday, August 06, 2014

DRAKE SHADES RIHANNA - THINKS SHE'S SATAN: I'm guessing the RIHANNA/DRAKE split was not a friendly one because during a gig in Toronto Monday night, Drake pretty much called her the devil.

At the start of his song "Days in the East," an image of the number 6 flashed on the screen behind him followed by a photo of Rihanna, then another 6, then Rihanna's face again, then a third 6 and a third image of RiRi. (PHOTO)

So does he think she's Satan? We Report, You Decide! Oh, by the way, a lot of people think the song "Days in the East" is about Rihanna. (LYRICS)

TODAY IN CELEBRITY SELFIES: MADONNA briefly shared a close-up of her lady parts yesterday before removing the post.

Madge, who turns 56 on August 16, captioned the selfie of her vag in semi-sheer black lace panties, "Getting ready for my B-day!" Yes we hang our dresses in the bathtub!thanks D&G! #unapologeticbitch"

JEFF GOLDBLUM RUNS FROM DINOSAUR IN VIRAL WEDDING PHOTO: If JEFF GOLDBLUM is a guest at your wedding, of course your wedding album is going to include a picture of everybody running from a T-Rex. (PHOTO)

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