Friday, August 08, 2014

TIM MCGRAW HAS 'SETTLED THE MATTER' WITH THE WOMAN HE SMACKED: TIM MCGRAW reached out to the woman he smacked for ripping his jeans at a concert last month and the matter has been resolved. According to a statement both his and her people released, it was "mutually resolved the old-fashioned way . . . with a simple conversation."

Jesslyn Taylor hired a personal injury attorney about a week after the video of Tim swatting her went viral in late July. Her attorney told TMZ at the time that all the bad press had "humiliated" his client and that she wanted an apology from Tim. Presumably, she got one.

BACKSTAGE AT A MILEY CYRUS SHOW - YUP, THIS HAPPENED: Say what you will about MILEY CYRUS, but you can't say she doesn't give fans their money's worth. Concert meet-and-greet packages are so expensive these days they hardly seem worth it. Most of the time, you get a polite smile and hand shake from the artist, followed by a quick pic. Miley, on the other hand, likes to have fun with her guests. And groping her isn't out of the question.

One guy who paid $995 to meet Miley before her gig at the Nassau Coliseum in New York last weekend used his photo opportunity to the fullest. He asked her if he could stand behind her and cup her breasts -- and Miley was totally game for it. (PHOTO)

Apparently, the guy is gay because he also asked her to give him his, quote, "first and last kiss with a girl." She replied that he would be her "first and last kiss with a boy," then they pretended to make out. (PHOTO)

TODAY IN CELEBRITY SELFIES: LADY GAGA had to be hospitalized Wednesday night after a show in Denver due to "altitude sickness". And of course, she posted a picture.

BABY POOP: KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN posted a naked pregnant pic, alongside an old one of her mom KRIS JENNER. "I got it from my mamma," she captioned the photo.

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