Friday, August 29, 2014

SPLITSVILLE - POPULATION BRITNEY SPEARS: After a year and a half together, BRITNEY SPEARS has dumped her boyfriend. Word is she ditched him because she found out about a tape someone was shopping around of him making out and slow dancing with another woman in somebody's living room. It was reportedly shot earlier this month.

This David guy has a rep, if you can believe that, and when contacted told TMZ his client is "very, very in love with Britney. This is unfortunate and he hopes that it all works out."

Based on the Tweet Brit posted yesterday afternoon, I wouldn't hold my breath, David ...

As for Britney ... a source says she's "heartbroken," which is evident an in Instagram she uploaded over night.

The video of a tired, red-eyed Britney is captioned "When you're having a shitty day," and not only does it look like she's been crying, it appears she's about to break down again  just before the video cuts off.

BRIT'S DAD NOW OWNS THE VIDEO: As for the video, TMZ says Britney's dad paid a "SUBSTANTIAL amount of money" to make sure it never sees the light of day. His rep says he did it to protect Britney from the embarrassment of it going public.

The site reports that as soon as Jamie got wind it existed, he called around, found out who was selling it, bought it, then showed it to his daughter.

JOAN RIVERS IN MEDICALLY INDUCED COMA - WILL SHE DIE?!: JOAN RIVERS is in critical but stable condition at a New York City hospital after she stopped breathing during surgery on her vocal cords and went into cardiac arrest.

It happened at an outpatient clinic yesterday morning while doctors were putting a scope down her throat.  She was rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital and has since been placed in a medically-induced coma. Doctors say they're going to take her out of it at some point this weekend to assess the damage.

It's been learned since that Rivers had performed the night before, and witnesses say she did joke about dying. "I'm 81," she said. "I could go at any moment. I could fall over right here and you all could say, 'I was there!'"

BABY POOP: SHAKIRA and her boyfriend are expecting their second child. Shak confirmed she’d been fetused on Facebook, writing, “Yes, we are expecting our second baby!! Thank you all for your well wishes!”

HARRY CONNICK JR. SHOWS US HIS PICS: HARRY CONNICK JR. posted a pic of himself taking a selfie of JENNIFER LOPEZ taking a selfie. Mind. Blown.

COVER SHOT: KEIRA KNIGHTLEY goes TOPLESS in the new issue of "Interview" magazine. And she doesn't cheat, either. She shows the goods.

TODAY IN CELEBRITY ICE BUCKET CHALLENGES: DONALD TRUMP did the ice bucket challenge this week. Miss USA and Miss Universe both dumped a bucket on that thing on his head, which actually stayed on his head. Maybe it IS real.

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