Thursday, September 11, 2014

DO BRAD AND ANGELINA HAVE PRENUP THAT INCLUDES AN INFIDELITY CLAUSE?!: Once a cheater, always a cheater? Star tabloid says ANGELINA JOLIE must feel that way because she and BRAD PITT have a prenup that contains an infidelity clause.

It supposedly states that if Brad leaves her for another woman, Angelina gets primary custody of the kids.

[Most people paint Angie as a homewrecking she-devil temptress and blame her for Brand and JENNIFER ANISTON'S divorce, but let's not forget Brad is every bit responsible as Angelina. And let's also not conveniently overlook the fact that he's the one who was married at the time.]

The prenup is also said to declare that in the event of a divorce, they each take the millions they brought into the marriage, while anything they earned as a married couple goes into a trust for the kids.

MIKE TYSON PUTS CANADIAN REPORTER WHO CALLS HIM A 'CONVICTED RAPIST' ON BLAST: MIKE TYSON is in Canada this week promoting his one-man show, and during an interview with a television station the host asked him if hanging out with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford could hurt Ford's chance for re-election ... you know, since Tyson is a convicted rapist.

Well, to say Mike didn't like the way the question was phrased is an understatement. First, he called the host "negative," then he really blasted him, calling him a "piece of s***" about a half dozen times, and dropping a few f-bombs along the way-- including one when the host cut the interview short.

IN DENIAL - YORKVILLE ENDOSCOPY CLINIC: The New York Daily News reported yesterday that JOAN RIVERS' death may have been caused by a doctor she brought with her when she went in for an endoscopy at a New York City clinic on August 28th.

Supposedly, while Joan was undergoing the routine procedure, one of the doctors noticed something on her vocal cords. So her doctor asked to do a biopsy, and the clinic allegedly let him. During procedure, Joan's air supply got cut off, and, well we all know what happened next.

But the clinic is denying that happened. They said in a statement issued to the media that, in fact, "a biopsy of the vocal cords has never been performed" at the clinic.

KELLY RIPA KEEPS MAKING DIRTY JOKES WHILE DISCUSSING NEW IPHONE: KELLY RIPA and MICHAEL STRAHAN were discussing the new iPhones on yesterday's "Live! With Kelly and Michael", and trying to get an idea of how big the new model with the 5.5 inch screen is.

Well Kelly must have been feeling randy because she kept making everything sound like they were talking about man meat.

ROMANCE REPORT - JENNIFER LAWRENCE AND CHRIS MARTIN HAVE A DATE NIGHT: JENNIFER LAWRENCE AND CHRIS MARTIN were spotted dining together at a Beverly Hills hot spot this past Monday. An onlooker tells People magazine, "They were laughing a lot and Jennifer was acting all goofy."

Lawrence and Martin have supposedly been dating since June, and were first spotted together in public at one of his London concerts back in July.

SPLITSVILLE - POPULATION KHLOE KARDASHIAN/HILARY DUFF: After eight months of dating, KHLOE KARDASHIAN has dumped rapper French Montana. Sources tell E! News that Khloe broke things off because French had grown increasingly "needy" and "obsessive." Word is he's having a hard time with it and "won't really accept it."

In other break-up news, HILARY DUFF says she and husband Mike Comrie have "uncoupled, for now." Yes, she used that obnoxious term. But she added there is a chance they'll get back together.

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