Thursday, September 25, 2014

SPLITSVILLE - POPULATION WIZ KHALIFA: After a mere 14 months of marriage, rapper WIZ KHALIFA and model AMBER ROSE are getting divorced -- and it's not looking like it's going to be an amicable split either.

TMZ says there are allegations of cheating by one or both of them. Word is Amber has suspected Wiz of stepping out since the beginning of his tour in July, and he thinks NICK CANNON has been doing more than managing her -- if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

According to court documents, Rose is citing irreconcilable differences and is asking for full custody of their 19-month-old son. She's also requesting child support and that Wiz cover her legal fees.

Khalifa, if you recall, was arrested at the El Paso International Airport after his Neon Desert Music Festival performance this past May, for allegedly carrying marijuana in his backpack. News of his arrest went viral after he posted the above pic of himself in the jail cell. He has pleaded not guilty.

IN DENIAL - NICK CANNON: NICK CANNON wants you to know he had nothing to do with the Khalifa/Rose split. Nick became Amber's manager last week, so there were already rumors that they had been hooking up -- and the fact that his marriage went bust only fueled that talk.

But Nick denies it, claiming he didn't know about Amber's marital problems until after he signed her on as a client.

DOES JENNIFER LOPEZ SACRIFICE CHICKENS?! WAIT, WHAT???!!!: File this under "Could be True, but Probably Crap" ... The not always reliable Life & Style magazine is claiming that JENNIFER LOPEZ has ties to Santeria -- the African/Caribbean religion that uses rituals and ceremonies including animal sacrifice.

The mag claims say several of J-Lo's exes are supposedly planning to write a tell-all about her, and that it will include the revelation that "J-Lo secretly practices religious rituals of Santeria, including sacrificing chickens!"

ASHTON KUTCHER SHOWS US HIS TWEETS: ASHTON KUTCHER Tweeted out this photo of the sick pad his and MILA KUNIS' baby is going to crawl around in!

Sources tell London's Daily Mail Mila is ready to pop any day now. Word is they're having a girl.

WE REPORT, YOU DECIDE: Is ORLANDO BLOOM trying to become HARRY STYLES from ONE DIRECTION, or is it the other way around? We Report,You Decide! (ORLANDO) (HARRY)

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