Friday, October 17, 2014

SPLITSVILLE - POPULATION CHARLIE SHEEN: They said it wouldn't last, and they were right. CHARLIE SHEEN has called off his trip down the aisle.

In a statement to E! News, Sheen announced that he and his fiancée, Brett Rossi, have split. "I've decided that my children deserve my focus more than a relationship does right now. I still have a tremendous fondness [Brett] and I wish her all the best."

Sheen proposed to Rossi in Hawaii last February. They were due to marry in November.

SOMEONE SMASHED THE WINDOW OF A CAR MARIA MENOUNOS WAS IN: MARIA MENOUNOS had a scare in New York City yesterday when someone shattered the back window of a car she was riding in while the vehicle was attempting to leave an airport.


Omg this just happened. Huge explosion thought we got shot..:now we think someone approached the car in traffic and blew out our window

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No one knows if this was a robbery attempt or if someone just randomly threw the tire iron through the window.


This is what they used!!! This is so crazy!!! We are all freaked out

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CAUSE OF JOAN RIVERS DEATH DETERMINED: JOAN RIVERS died because her brain was damaged due to lack of oxygen. That's the official finding of the New York City Medical Examiner.

Rivers was undergoing a procedure at Yorkville Endoscopy in Manhattan August 28 to evaluate acid reflux and changes in her voice, and was sedated with the anesthetic propofol when she suffered hypoxia, or not enough oxygen in her blood. That in turn caused the damage to Rivers' brain. The official manner of death is "therapeutic complication," meaning her death resulted from a "predictable complication from medical therapy."

Rivers subsequently suffered cardiac arrest and was taken to New York's Mount Sinai Hospital, where she died Sept. 4 at age 81, having never regained consciousness.

Per the wishes of Rivers' family, no autopsy was performed, so the medical examiner's conclusions were based on non-invasive examinations of her remains, and a review of her charts and medical history.

What exactly caused the drop in Rivers' blood oxygen level is not known, and no obvious medical error was discovered -- hence, the "therapeutic complication" cause of death determination.

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