Tuesday, October 28, 2014

SPLITSVILLE - POPULATION JENNIFER LAWRENCE AND CHRIS MARTIN: Although neither ever confirmed a relationship, and the two were only photographed together once during their nearly four-month romance, E! News reports that it's over for JENNIFER LAWRENCE and CHRIS MARTIN.

While that particular gossip site did not give a reason for the split, those ever-present anonymous sources say "Chris is clearly not over" GWYNETH PALTROW, and "Jennifer...wants a man of her own." The source adds, "Chris has been spending lots of time with Gwyneth and their kids lately. It was just a bit too much for Jen. She doesn't want to be second to anyone."

Just last week, Chris, Gwyneth and the kids went to dinner together. As Gwyneth was leaving in her SUV, Chris ran up to the window to talk to her and she gently and lovingly put her hand on his face before pulling away.

On another break-up note ... DEBRA MESSING has broken up with her boyfriend, "Nashville" actor Will Chase. her rep confirms to Us Weekly.

Messing and Chase started dating in 2011 after starring together on the TV show "Smash". No explanation for the split was given.

JOURNALIST CLAIMS ANNE HATHAWAY REFUSED TO SHAKE HIS HAND BECAUSE SHE WAS AFRAID OF CATCHING EBOLA FROM HIM: An Argentinian journalist says ANNE HATHAWAY refused to shake his hand because, he claims, of the Ebola.

Alexis Puig flew to L.A. for a screening of the movie "Interstellar," which Anne co-stars in. He maintains everybody else he interviewed from the cast shook his hand, except Anne.

He Tweeted (in Spanish), "Anne Hathaway didn't shake my hand because she was afraid of Ebola. #I'mAThirdWorldJournalist."

RELATIONSHIP REPORT - KRIS JENNER HAS A NEW MAN: What's KRIS JENNER'S relationship status? According to Us Weekly, she's dating a 34-year-old man named Corey Gamble.

The magazine reports they're casually dating, and offers as proof a photo of them "flirting openly" over dinner recently while in Vegas. (PHOTO)

However, an E! News source claims they are not a thing – at least, not yet. "They are friends,” says their source, adding the two are taking a "let's see where it goes" approach.

Gamble works for SB Projects, an entertainment and media company founded by Justin Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun.

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