Wednesday, November 05, 2014

IN DENIAL: Guess what, ladies? TOM CRUISE is still available. Cruise is not dating LINDSAY LOHAN or MIRANDA KERR,despite recent rumors to the contrary.

A source said to be close to Miranda tells E!, "[Miranda] laughed about this when she heard the rumors" adding, "[She] thinks Tom is a very talented actor and handsome, but that's about it."

Meanwhile, OK! magazine reported that Cruise and Lohan exchanged numbers and were paling around, but Lindsay's rep has denied the rumor. Lindsay herself responded to it on Instagram with a "WTF!?!?!?!?" -- which she later deleted.

AMERICA VOTED, AND KIM KARDASHIAN IS AN IDIOT: The website Ranker has an ongoing poll trying to determine which celebrity America thinks "has the lowest IQ."

Tens of thousands of votes have been tallied so far,  and, well, let's just say if intellect is passed down genetically there is little hope for North West. Because her parents KIM KARDASHIAN and KANYE WEST top the list at #1 and 2.

Justin Bieber, Snooki, and Paris Hilton round up the Top 5.

TODAY IN (NEAR) CELEBRITY WARDROBE MISHAPS: SALMA HAYEK almost suffered a wardrobe mishap yesterday. During a photo shoot yesterday, Hayek's voluptuous chest came thisclose to popping out of the black strapless gown she was wearing as she was coming out of pool of water.

Sadly, Salma was able to clutch her cleavage quickly enough to prevent a total malfunction. (PHOTO)

HOW MUCH WOULD YOU HAVE PAID FOR MADONNA'S PONY TAIL?: The fake ponytail MADONNA wore on her Blond Ambition tour went up for sale at auction a few days ago.

It was estimated that it would sell for between $3,000 and $5,000, however it ended up selling for ... get this ... four times that amount! Yup, someone paid $20,000 for this ...

The ponytail was worn by Madonna with the now legendary cone bra bustier during her 1990 tour, widely considered the pinnacle of her career.

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